Annual Birthday Questions: [Homegirl Turns Two]

Friday, October 21, 2016

..And just like that our little Harper-noodle is turning two..!!
This weekend we'll celebrate our favorite little sister, the one who can burn your soul with her stone-cold stare, then a second later melt you into a puddle with her hugs, cheek kisses, smiles, and giggles. She's our little sour patch kid and has brought so much spice to our family.
It's also time we start annual questions with Homegirl; it's a fun way to document what she's into, (eventually) see how she'll respond, see some favorite pictures from the past year, and have a fun little peek back on how she is at these ages..

(This year we'll be answering for you since I can't imagine you'd have much interest in this for now.. Plus your response to most things these days is, 'NO! Gank-goo...' (No, thank you.). Sour. Patch...)

What is your favorite color?
Yyyyyyellowww!! - Everything is yellow. And all shapes are 'trrry-angles!'. You don't identify/know all your colors but you can sort shades and match like a pro.
What is your favorite toy?
The obvious little sister answer is, 'anything your big brother has'.. but really you're not that into anything in particular. You love anything you can tuck under your arm and carry around or grip in your little hands and take with you wherever you go.
What is your favorite stuffed animal?
Anything you can get a hold of and you squeeze next to your side in the corner of your elbow, choke-holding the animal as you continue to run around and play. Right now, you sleep with a light-pink little stuffed pig, you affectionately call 'piggieeeeee!'
What is your favorite thing to sleep with?
Along with aforementioned piggy, you sleep with your little square purple pillow that Grandma made you, an a+a swaddle blanket, a wubbanub, and a regular/plain pacifier.
What is your favorite fruit?
Any fruit, usually, but depends on the day. This is definitely your favorite food group. But no skins, please. So high-maintenance, so cute..

What is your favorite cereal?
You like most all dry cereal, I think you call any/all kinds 'cheee-ose' (Cheerios).

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Bacon! And fruit, any kind of carb, especially if it's sweet.
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Oh, you are a stubborn, picky eater!! You live off milk and carbs, and chips. You'll eat a cheese quesadilla, lunch meat, pizza, sometimes.. You have a new-found LOVE for sour cream..

What is your favorite dessert?
Any kind of dessert is your favorite dessert, and of course you ALWAYS have room for dessert.
What is your favorite drink?
'Milkeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!' You'll drink water too.
What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?
You'd be good with just some cake, but we'll probably have a pizza party since you're like your momma and always down for that.
What is your favorite animal?
Puppy. You love to get on all fours and pretend to be a puppy, even down to crawling up and licking us. 'RRRRRRRRRUFF!'
What is your favorite book?
You've really started to sit and flip through books on your own. You'll sit in your room and pull out each one from your basket, flipping through each page. The way you hold your fingers to flip the pages is the cutest. Your favorite are books with flaps, you're known to rip a few off here and there..
What is your favorite song?
Anything Tyson sings is your favorite song. You'll quiet from a tantrum, calm down in the car, and stop crying whenever you hear him sing. Literally. It's my favorite thing. You've also started to fill in words when we pause, the first was to 'Yankee Doodle', singing with Daddy, and it melted my heart. Your little singing voice is the sweetest.
What is your favorite game?
Peek-a-boo - the way your little hands cover your eyes then enthusiastically fly into the air as you holler, 'PEE-A-BOOOO!' and the occasional little sneaky-peek from your eyes between your fingers makes it my favorite game too.
What is your favorite tv show?
You aren't particular and will watch anything, as long as you are sitting RIGHT beside your big brother.
What is your favorite movie?
See above - anything, as long as you are sitting RIGHT beside your big brother.
What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Especially right now, you LOVE to pick up crispy leaves, crunch them in your little hands, then throw them and pick up another.. Or, crunch them up in your little hands and keep them there until you get inside and then leave a little leaf-crumb trail behind you..

Who is your best friend?
Oh, no question - Tysie, Tyson, brother. You love that boy something FIERCE.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Haha, a boss..!! You WILL be whatever you want, and you'll be it with passion.

Happy 2nd Birthday, noodle!!
We love you so much, Harper-girl!! You bring SO MUCH joy, sass, and silliness to our family. You've got us all wrapped around your fingers and we wouldn't have it any other way. Looking forward to another always-interesting year with YOU!!
Daddy, Momma, and Tysie

Five on Friday

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hopping into my corner of the Internet with a few random things..

I fouuuuuund you these new booties.. (to the tune of Bubba Sparxx, Ying Yang Twins, and Mr. ColliPark's song of course), because who can say 'booties' without singing that song..?!?! Not me, obviously.
These are my new favorite shoes and you can expect to see me wearing these every other day this fall.. Affordable, comfortable, versatile. Don't forget to click through eBates.

Family pictures are coming up and I'm trying to finalize what we'll wear. Recently, Britt posted some great, yet simple tips for 'What to Wear'. I find inspiration from Pinterest of course, photographer's blogs, and checking in with stylish friends for tips and advice. Also, plan ahead - I'm already bummed this sweater (in olive) is on backorder and won't be able to make it here in time (BUT, I found this instead for a great compromise).. Hoping I can finalize it all and have it tie together beautifully. I'm IN LOVE with the top I got for Harps..

In July, we were in Florida for birthday celebrations and got to spend an afternoon at the beach. It was Harper's first time and I still can't get over these pictures, and her cautious, yet peaceful reaction. Also, how much she's already grown/changed since these..!! I can't believe she'll be TWO in a week and a half..

Dan told me about this app call Prisma, and I can't stop.. It adds fun, artistic effects to pictures and we're having fun with it!!
Original // with Prisma filter

We had an AMAZING (momma and daddy only) long weekend getaway in Portland and I want to document our special trip. The food was delicious, scenery breathtaking, and of course my travel buddy was the best. Recap, coming soon!!

Happy Friday, friends!!

The Flash of Summer

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh man, we're more than HALF WAY THROUGH in the last week of September..

I know, this might be awkward - we haven't talked in a month or two..
Trust me - it's not you, it's me..
Ha!! Wow, where have I been..?! Summer flew by and oh was it a fun one!! I feel like we kind of kicked it off with our trip to Germany in early May, and it was go, go, go, hold-on-tight ever since.
We had lots of family time -
with my SIL and her boys here in Colorado (from Germany) for the summer,
visits to my family in the country (including our NEW nephew who made his appearance in April and was baptized in June),
and always too quick visits from my (newly-engaged) younger sister from Texas.
There was fun with friends.
Throw in some birthdays, holidays, trip to Florida, soccer camp, movie nights, sleepovers, s'mores, date nights, friends weekend in the mountains, and a first day of preK.
Oh and work work work work work.

It's been eventful - so much to document.
Hope your summer was as entertaining and schedule-filled as ours..!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At one of Tyson's birthday celebrations, we gave him a simple, basic scooter.
He was absolutely excited and wanted to take it for a spin, ASAP.
It was of course 'just what he's always wanted', also, and he was gliding and near-balancing in no time. 
He'll occasionally ride it to check the mail with me and the other day he was telling me how much he loved his new scooter. I told him, 'Oh good, mom and daddy picked it out special, just for you.' 
He paused, and said, 'You gave me this scooter?'
I replied, 'Yes, mom and dad gave it to you for your birthday.'
He stepped off the scooter, and drug it a few steps over to my side, gave me a hug and said, 'Thanks mom!!'
We've been trying to really stress the importance of WHO a gift is from and how thoughtful and kind it was of them to give the gift. We take time to express gratitude and hug that person, so I was melted into a puddle of pride to see him take that action on his own and thank me for his gift.
These moments have me thinking four is going to be my favorite age yet..!!

Birthday Celebrations: [Turning Four]

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Catching up on all the happenings since we now have a FOUR year old in 'da house.
That's right, a little kid - his clothing size is no longer followed by a 'T', he's scheduled to take part in organized sport camps, and will soon enough attend a new, big-boy school.
Someone hold me..!!
I can't believe we are taking on this next, new phase as parents, but we couldn't be more proud of this (not so) little one of ours.

Ready for 'party' overload..?!
Tyson got to have two birthday celebrations this year since we were out of town, one with each side of our families.
We celebrated early with my family and had a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. I was excited to find turtle stuff at the Dollar Store/Dollar Spot, so I grabbed a plastic cup and pair of socks for Tys & Harp each, and their two cousins that would be at his 'party'. We did bubbles, played outside, ate pizza, and had cake.
We had to explain that it wasn't yet his actual birthday, we were just celebrating beforehand. Which set off mild confusion as he kept asking, 'is this my real birthday or a pretend one?'
For his actual birthday, we were in Florida (helping celebrate his great-Mimi's birthday; she and Tyson are birthday twins, 90 years apart). 
Even though we were not at home, I hoped to make the day special for Tyson. 
We, of course, still had his annual donut birthday breakfast.
(Previous donut breakfasts - 1st // 2nd // 3rd)
Then we had a Lego party complete with cousins, water balloons, tape-the-head-on-the-Lego-guy-body, and pizza and cake (yes, again).
We had such a great time celebrating Tyson and his special day, on a few different days.
Happy 4th, buddy!!

Summer Birthday Gift Exchange: [Turning Four]

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One of my favorite things about blogging has been the community I've been fortunate to become a part of; I've been welcomed into a group of successful, encouraging, friendly, and wonderful ladies that were exactly what I needed. We share common phases of life which includes the ups, downs, joys, and 'sufferings' of motherhood. Specifically, a handful of us all with summer 'babies'. 
A few years ago a gift exchange started and it's now in it's third year, how fun is that..?! 

This week my baby turned four. FOUR. It's been so fun to follow along with these families as their babies have grown also, it's hard to believe how quickly these years pass. Now on to a very special package, all the way from CA..
Tyson received a package from the beautiful gals at Work it Mommy - Whitney, Kinsey, and Breilana. Let me just say, they sent the sweetest gifts of pure perfection..!!
Whitney mentioned she was a little nervous to come up with gifts for a boy, coming from an all-girl household, but she NAILED IT!! Seriously. 
Bubbles + gun = little boy heaven!!
Dinosaurs?! NEVER enough dinosaurs. 
Whitney filled the box with some extra-large, colorful pom-poms. They were the go-to for Homegirl, she gathered up as many as she could and kept a death-grip on them while we continued through the package. 
We lovedplaying games as a family, so I know we'll have a good time with this connect four game.
 I just love watching Tyson open gifts. He's filled with such genuine excitement, gratitude, and joy. 
He kept exclaiming, 'this is what I've always wanted!!' When it came to this super-cool fireman Lego set, I especially believed every word he said. He's already got it put together like a pro and is such a fan!!
Whitney, Kinsey, and Breilana - Thank you so much for the awesome package filled with the most thoughtful gifts. You guys seriously nailed it..!! Did we already mention that?! Everything was so perfect for Tyson and will be thoroughly enjoyed, I mean it was 'exactly' what he wanted!!
Thank you again!! xoxo
Also, check out all the mommas and their (not so) little ones celebrating special birthdays this summer!!
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Big thanks to Elizabeth for organizing this super-fun exchange!!

For more fun, see our previous birthday exchanges: