It's the little things... [Sisters]

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Wednesday!! Linking up with Sadie Sky Boutique and Words About Waverly, appreciating a few 'little things' this week..
My sisters, aka my blog readers. Hi!! ((wave wave))

I am the middle of three sisters in my family (I know, my father is a saint).
As you can imagine growing up with two sisters, we had our fair share of kicking/screaming matches; since then, I'd say we've grown to be pretty dang good friends. We are so different from each other, yet we're so the same - THANK THE LORD for our amazing parents and upbringing. We're now spread out over the country, and everyday I am plotting the convincement (is that a word..?) of their return.
Little things like our ongoing sister-group text... We share silly moments, thoughts, pictures and anything else you can think of.. I felt as though I had breakfast with my sisters this last weekend (via group text). Which is a special treat, when it would otherwise take a few plane tickets to do so.. Thanks technology. Otherwise, countdown til Easter, we'll be together and bickering again, like we never were apart. :) 

I have one sister-in-law (my sista-from-anotha-mista).
My SIL and I live in the same town, for now. Again I am plotting her to remain.. She has two boys, my Little's cousins (between the three of them is a year and a half age difference). Can you say trouble + heart breakers?
Little things like our virtual (and real-life) shopping dates, dinners together while our Mr's travel for work and sharing parenting little boy experiences/advice - well she shares, I wander in circles hoping I'm doing it right. :) 

They are the ones I selfishly am thankful to have and wish were closer during those happy, sad, exciting and rough times. I've accidentally been given three of the best girlfriends and I am so grateful.
 Ok, sappy pants. Enough.

Anyway, love you all and thanks for being supportive and reading my little blog. xoxo

What little things do you appreciate that you're taking for granted?
Do you have sisters or sister-like girlfriends?
You should tell them how much you love and appreciate them.


  1. Sisters are the best! && I read your blog too!! Maybe someday when I grow up and get internet at my casa I will keep up my blog. Maybe :) Hope to see you all soon! Maybe Easter meet up?!

    1. Yes, Thea!! Thank you for reading, and commenting - that's the best. :) Can't wait to hear of your little guy's arrival...!!!! :)

  2. Wow good thing I didn't read this at work because I would have been a blubbering mess at my desk!!
    I love sharing your amazing blog with my friends because I'm always like.... Yup that's MY sister dripping with talent!! ;) Love you!!

  3. Love this! So sweet you and your sisters (and SIL) are so close even though so far apart!

  4. Tear! So lucky to have the sister I always wanted when I was growing up. Thanks for including me this is so sweet, I'm lucky to have you in my life! Love you

  5. Btw, you give me great advice too! Plus you are way more stylish and I'm jealous that you can be so pulled together and look so cute all the time!

  6. Visiting from the link up. You guys are so lucky to have each other and be so close. :)