It's the little things... [Super Homemade]

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Linking up with Sadie Sky Boutique and Words About Waverly again, to be reminded of the little things...
Is anyone else's week draggggggggging on..? We're majorly looking forward to the weekend over here - so this is a great mid-week reminder to find joy and appreciate some little things..

All things 'homemade this week, I guess - first the granola bars I made, and now these.. homemade Valentines!! I enjoy being festive, so I thought it'd be a good little project to do together but most importantly a fun surprise in the mail to those we love!!

(Pardon the iPhone pictures, that's as good as it gets with a one hand on the kid and the other encouraging correct use of crayons, etc..)

I used painters tape and pieced together some cardstock to make one big 'page', flipped it over and had the Little color away.
 Don't forget to have snacks nearby at all times...
I've found this method (of coloring all at once) to be more efficient due to size/coverage and attention span. His coloring adds a fun personal touch and really gets him involved. The Valentine's are from HIM, after all.. ;)

Carefully remove the tape from the back and each card is beautifully colored and ready to decorate.  
We used pictures (from our quick, little Valentine photo shoot), felt heart stickers and washi tape.
Each card was unique in it's own way. Super homemade, super cheesy, super perfect. :) 
Tyson has really enjoyed coloring and stickers lately, so I love to incorporate that and include him in our projects. Doing these little things together is a special time to me and I love the finished product almost as much as the process. (We usually make an extra to keep on our fridge and then it goes in the baby/scrapbook.) 
What little things are you appreciating?
Did you send Valentine's this year? Did you make your own or buy them?

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  1. Visiting from the link up. Adorable pics of him working on his Valentine's. :)