Thursday things...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A few random things for this Thursday..

I finally got myself a new pair of boots, as I've WORN OUT my old brown boots that I've had for probably 3+ years. I got these from Piperlime on a great sale. They are comfortable but still a little stiff, I'm sure I'll have them broke-in in no time. 

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness.

I've been in need of some retail therapy lately...
Excited for these TOMS to come (from Zulily) - HURRY UP SPRING.
There are also FULL shopping carts at Forever 21, JCPenney and Old Navy.. I think today will be productive. ;)

These pictures are so cute to me. Hard to think someday that adorable little boy will be probably be as big, or bigger, than his dad and sprinting across fields and courts seriously playing sports. All these Olympic commercials have me preparing with pictures and videos for this little guy's own commercial/ESPN special someday.. :)

You won't believe it, I bought an app - the 'Waterlogue' app. I've seen it all over Instagram and a lot of bloggers were talking about it.. Well now this 'blogger' is too...a few weeks later. How fun are these?! I plan on getting a few printed, they'll be a great addition to a gallery wall or in the Little's room.. I love the abstract-ish, understated look. Plus these pictures are some of my favorites (with a 4 month old little Tyson).
Hope you are having a good week.

I wanted to tell you - you look so pretty today!! Keep that smile on!!

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  1. Love that waterlogue look! I might need to get that app too... I too am late to join the app party :)
    Also, side note, I wanted to email you tonight about Boy Moms but can't find your email anywhere! Email me if you are interested... Thanks!