Valentine's Day 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I was always sooooo that girl that did NOT celebrate this holiday... I finally came around a little and enjoy the chance to show my guys, and my family, how much we love them.

I mean it is celebrating a Saint on his feast day. St. Valentine was a priest in Rome, he would marry Christian couples and give aid to those being persecuted. At that time, this was considered a crime; he was arrested and imprisoned. After trying to convert the Emporer, he was beaten, stoned and then beheaded. Now you know.. :)

On a more lovey-dovey note..
Here are my Valentines last year; seriously, how can he change so much in one year?! (The little one I'm talking about...)
Here's a recap of this year's holiday, Valentine's Day 2014, documented with real and iphone pictures; come on this is our reality show blog.
For daycare Valentines, I printed these cute little tags from Michelle at Ten June, attached to 'buddy fruit' squeezes with some red bakers twine and they were good to go.
Daycare was actually closed this Friday so I got to stay home and enjoy the day with my littlest love. We ate heart-shaped errrything..!!
Breakfast: GF heart pancakes (bananas+eggs+almond butter+cinnamon) and sausage
Lunch: Leftover zucchini goulash with pretzel roll hearts, cottage cheese and fruit
Dinner: Mini heart biscuit pizzas, roasted broccoli and fruit
I think he likes being festive.. 
After naptime and the Mr. got home, we shared some special little treats with each other.
Tyson and I got the Mr. a fancy-schmancy beer and the Beer Drinker's Guide to Colorado - Ultimate Map & Travel Guide, includes a booklet with coupons for free beer, etc. at breweries/places featured. **Great gift for any beer-lovers in your life!!**
I was spoiled with some delicious vodka, including a new favorite following our vodka tasting.. That's right we drink, if you hadn't yet noticed.. #cheers
We got the Little these crayons and this coloring notebook.
They've been a hit so far..
The day was topped off with an amazing surprise from the Mr. No pictures to prove it, but we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. :) Hope you enjoyed yourself and/or your loved ones.
Did you do anything special or do you dread the holiday?

Either way, I wanted to tell you - you look absolutely beautiful, so celebrate that!!

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