Vodka Tasting

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Remember in Runaway Bride when he makes her all the different types of eggs so she can decide what kind she actually likes?

Well the Mr. did something similar for me...but with vodka.
(This has been my drink as of late, mixed with a squeeze of lime + water, so we thought it'd be fun to blindly taste a few out.)
We decided to have a little date night in, do a tasting and watch the opening ceremonies of the winter Olympics. As in, Sochi, Russia, vodka.. You get it.

We had 6 different types of vodka:
  • Tito's
  • Absolut
  • Grey Goose
  • Skyy
  • Russian Standard
  • Smirnoff (included last minute, not pictured)
I love all things festive/themed, so I made up a score sheet and printed Olympic rings to help keep track of our samples. 
We got set with some water and snacks, comfies (soft clothes), our score sheets and the opening ceremonies..
Each vodka identified by ring color, of course.
Initially, we went through and smelled/sipped each vodka and scored on (1) aroma, (2) smoothness and (3) flavor. Then we sipped one right after the other and scored on overall taste.
It was hard for me to score them, but there were definitely unique smells/tastes to each. For example, I'd have high scores for a vodka in the inital taste but give that same vodka a low overall score..? I know, I don't know, 1-5 - too many choices for me.. :)
Overall, the Mr. and I only had one placing the same - last place. 
1. Smirnoff
2. Absolut
3. Tito's
4. Russian Standard
5. Skyy
6. Grey Goose
1. Tito's
2. Skyy
3. Russian Standard
4. Absolut
5. Smirnoff/Grey Goose (tie)
I wasn't surprised to see Tito's did well, as everything I had seen online, etc. showed it to be a crowd favorite. Russian Standard is what I claim to be my favorite so I wish it did a little better; but prior to drinking Russian Standard, my go-to was Smirnoff - now there's proof, I'm a cheap date. Very interesting Grey Goose scored so poorly with us as that seems to be the 'fancy', popular choice. The Mr. had a good point, as it's similiar with beer, sometimes only 'fancy', experienced professionals can tell and appreciate those flavors that make the drink what it's supposed to be. (Either way, I was happy it wasn't my favorite.) 
Oh, as for the opening ceremonies - not really impressed, was a little weird, too story-tell-y for me? I do always enjoy seeing the different countries and their 'uniforms', hearing particular stories about athletes/countries, and just appreciating the true talent and experience of the Olympic games.
It was a fun little experiment and made for a good night. Go Team USA!!
Did you watch? What did you think? What's your favorite vodka?




  1. Looks like fun! Buck isn't in to the Winter olympics as much as the Summer ones but I have been watching a little here and there (who doesn't watch figure skating!!!!!) Maybe I could change his feelings if I incorporate your vodka tasting idea? :)

    1. Summer Olympics are definitely my favorite too!! Break out the vodka, it's worth a 'shot'. Hehe :) Thanks for reading!!