A Little Texas Trip

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I know you are ALL wondering where I've been... :) Don't worry, I'm back. I had the honor of taking a little trip with my Mom to go visit my younger sister in Texas.
We had a great time - enjoyed the warm weather, ate delicious meals together, got to see my sister's stompin' grounds and just really enjoyed each other's company. Sometimes I forget my little sister is all grown up and successful. This was a good chance to see her in her element and taking over Texas.. ;) I also enjoyed the time with my Mom as mom (rather than Grandma).

One afternoon we went downtown Fort Worth to enjoy the sun and check out the Water Gardens, a neat little park with three different water features.
You could walk down to the bottom on the dry steps at this one. As my Mom pointed out, this was a good example of how powerful water can be as it was running out slowly and lightly at the top but as it all rushed down together it was loud and forceful. 


It wouldn't have been a complete trip with my sister without checking out the Stock Yards, so we checked out the happenings there and had steaks at Riscky's.

I am so glad I took this little trip and was able to spend time with my Mom and sister. We were bummed to miss our other sister (but thank goodness she was home last weekend, as her husband was in a bicycle accident). On that note - please send prayers for healing, pain relief and strength for them. Thanks. :)

We had some wild and crazy popcorn/movie nights, morning walks and shopping trips to Garden Ridge and Sam Moon - holy Texas-sized accessories. As my sister predicted, I was overwhelmed.
The days away from the Mr. and Little went fast, but I of course missed them. They had great male-bonding time at home and made out just fine without me - although I think we were all equally excited to see each other and be back together.


  1. Wow! The water gardens are out of this world. Very cool engineered design.

  2. I sure did love the quality time with you and our amazing mother!! Thanks for taking the time to come down!

  3. How fun! And those water gardens... so cool! I would love to go see them!