St. Patrick's Day 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Good morning!!

Hope you had a great weekend and are adorning your green proudly today. I'm obviously wearing the most wrinkly shirt I could find (thanks commute).. Lovely. At least my gold accessories are cute!! The spike cuff is my new favorite (Forever21-not sure if it's still available though..).
The many faces of Tyson.. Pretty cute little good luck charm.
 Here's the little cheese-face (with his cousin) last year on St. Patrick's Day... Seriously?!
In other news, I'm guest posting about being a #BOYMOM over at Chasin' Mason today. Check it out here!! It's been a fun series to follow and see how although we all have very different experiences, so much is the same - little boys and a mother's love. It was so fun to share a little bit of our story/experiences.

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