The Older Man..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ok, chill out, it's the Mr (the older man).

Last week was his birthday, the BIG 3-0. We had a great time celebrating, as you can see only captured by iPhone pictures.. Celebrations included THIRTY beers and specially made to order homemade meals for the week..
On Saturday we met up with his family for some bowling and fun. I think everyone had a good time, especially the boys (first time bowling). My SIL is a baker and cake master, so she made a personalized bottle cap cake - it was delicious, fluffy, coconut-y goodness.
Tyson loved bowling but wasn't sure why it wasn't his turn EVERY time - he even bowled a strike!!
The clapping and excitement when he'd turn around was the best..!! 
We then spent a good hour using the free arcade credits we were given for the wait. I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids..
The next day, we met up with my parents for a sunny afternoon at the park and a nice, German dinner together. Of course there was beer.
All the family time made for a wonderful weekend and I hope the Mr. felt the love and appreciation we all have for him. I'm always happy to celebrate HIM (and of course proud be his younger woman).
Happy 30th Birthday, my dear!!
Looking forward to what this next year has in store for you. xoxo


  1. Happy birthday to your older man! 30 beers is a cute idea, and that cake looks too fun! I love that bowling contraption for Tyson, never seen such a thing.

    1. Thanks Courtney!! All bowling alleys should have the little ramp things. It was great for the kids, (+ bumpers) they got to really bowl 'by themselves' and knock down pins. :)