Being a 'Boy Mom'

Monday, April 7, 2014

A month or so ago I guest posted at Chasin Mason about being a 'boy mom'. Elizabeth hosts a series featuring boy mom bloggers and their experiences, feelings and thoughts on mothering little boys; as well as blogs about her life as a wife and mother to an adorable little guy of her own. It's a fun feature she does each Monday and it's interesting to see, although we all have very different experiences and situations, so much is the same when it comes to the love between a boy and his mom..
Here is the post I shared as a #BOYMOM..

Coming from a family of three girls, I always thought it'd be so much easier to have boys. The Mr. and I were so overwhelmed/excited/scared/happy when we found out we were expecting, we were over-the-moon ecstatic when we opened a little polka dot box with a question mark sticker holding together a ribbon, peeled back the tissue paper to see a little zip-up sleeper with green, blue and yellow cars all over it. It's a boy!!
We welcomed Tyson Joseph to our family on his due date, July 11 at 3:19am and he's been a perfect fit ever since..
Over the past 20 months, watching him grow and learn has been the most amazing thing. Sharing little moments, holidays and milestones with him is so much more special and gratifying than I ever imagined.
I see so much of his father in him and that makes me the most proud. He is inquisitive, calm and tough. He's funny, smart and sweet.
This 'job' of raising a little boy (into a man) is one I do not take lightly. It was one of my biggest fears before he arrived, but we are figuring it out as we go and he is teaching me just as much along the way. We make a great team.. I am, and always will be his #1 fan.
It's always so intriguing to me how boys are boys - for example he turns bananas and legos into guns (with no prompting), he goes out of his way to step in the pile of snow/dirt/puddle on our way to check the 'mail-mail-mail' and he can wrestle and rough-house with the best of them..
Evening laps and chases around our kitchen island usually end with a squealing little boy running to my legs, throwing his arms around me and burying his head between my knees. And it's moments like these that I thank the Lord I am this boy's momma.
I love each and every day I have with him and I look forward to many challenging/exciting/fun/memorable days ahead. This little boy is exactly what I needed, keeps me on my toes, helps me slow down and appreciate the little things, but most importantly, he has made me a momma (with a soft heart that melts for him daily). Including the handfuls of dirt, I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Awww, this is so perfect! It's exactly how I feel about Sydney.

    1. Thanks for reading!! :) Boy or girl, it's a special thing being a momma!!