Turning 30: My birthday

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today is the day, the one I countdown to each year - April 15, my birthday!!

Also known as tax day, the day Lincoln died and the day the Titanic sank, on a lighter note - the day I was born!!

I think my obsession with this day grew as a child for a few reasons.. There are a two other people, in particular, I share April with for birthdays - my Dad and (his Mom) my grandma. I guess I always thought we shared a special bond because of this and it was always so fun to all celebrate together.

My grandma was a very special lady and always made you feel as if you were the most important person in the world and she'd always tell us how proud of us she was. She'd give us funny, different occasion cards - like an anniversary card for our birthday and write 'happy anniversary on the day of your birth..' or something silly like that. One unforgettable year included her cake for me that accidentally was still frozen come time to cut into it. Years later, we'd laugh til we cried recalling that birthday.
My parents always went out of their way to give us parties and fun days for our birthdays, including delivering balloons to school, personalized banners at home with stickers and crepe paper and whatever dessert/meal we'd request with the special birthday cup/plate (as you'll see the red goblet appear in a few birthday pictures below).
  • We'd always darken the room, light the candles and sing, then get to take a face-first bite out of the side of the birthday cake.
  • I'll never forget the Heathcliff cake my mom made by hand, including orange star-tip icing covering the whole thing to look like the fur of the cartoon character.
  • Or the photography/modeling party where we all got dressed up and my mom hung up a backdrop and we took pictures and 'modeled' and then she made a cake with photo strips on it, perfectly themed.
  • My dad made an outside-city-limits-kinda bonfire for me and my friends and we got to roast marshmallows and run all over the place - that party ended with roasted sweet treats being thrown all over, a few even ending up in people's hair. It was a fun mess, but it wasn't my dad's hair and he wasn't mad; he still enjoys recalling that party. 
I think all these memories and birthdays are so vivid to me because my mom was good about documenting and photographing these special days. And I really appreciate that - thanks Mom!! :) That's also why I like to make holidays and birthdays a big deal for Tyson, because those are such special memories in my life and why not make someone feel like a million bucks?!
Then once I got older, it was of couse an excuse to party all month week long, enjoy fancy drinks and dress up for no reason. Some of that never changes, but now I like to include not having to make dinner and clean-up or do laundry, etc. The Mr. is great at playing along and spoils me to no end. Like the one year he got me a new cell phone, made the number transfer and had the gift box ringing as I was unwrapping it. Or when he got a gigantic black and white print framed, hung and wrapped (on the wall) of one of my favorite Robert Doisneau photographs.

Now that I write it out, it all goes back to my family. They're the ones to blame!! I suppose that's why they continue to put up with me year after year.. They are also the ones that make this day so special and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

So this year I'm 30. I guess I haven't thought much about it - I've seen a few before me do it and it seems to be ok. :) I'm at a point where I am so content with my life - my family and career are in such a good place. I'm not saying this to brag, but to say I'm ok with it all. I like it. I don't think I'm 'grown up' but I think the way things are looking, I'm not afraid to take the journey.

After what I know will be another beautiful and fabulous April 15th and beginning of the week long celebrations, starting with family and dinner at one of my favorite resturants and a flaming dessert, let the countdown begin again.. 364 days to go.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Oh my gosh, your husband is creative in his gifts! I am so impressed. Oh, and I am convinced we must have been twins in another life because another similarity... I, too, turn 30 this year, but not until September. BUT I also shared my birthday with two family members! My mom's sister (my aunt) and my dad's dad (my grandpa)! How crazy is that?!

    1. Thank you. :) Ha - that's awesome!! Definitely makes for some fun celebrating!!