Weekend Fun

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This past weekend we spent at my parents', celebrating my Dad's birthday, having quality grandparent-time, and enjoying some sun (finally) and fresh country air!!

Tyson looooooves getting in and out of, opening and shutting the door, putting rocks in the 'trunk', zooming down the driveway and pushing/pulling this little car. It provides hours of entertainment, both for him and the adults.
The face of pure joy and excitement..!!
My beautiful Mom.
My Mom is a big-time gardener and has year-round fresh vegetables.
 This would be the first flower my little boy has given me. Excuse me while I melt into a puddle..
 Birthday fun!!
My Dad turned 63. He is the most honorable, hard-working, loyal and loving man. He was made to be my little boy's Grandpa, as you can tell by that smile (I'll give you one guess who he's looking at)..
This was our attempt to grab a few pictures after church.. It looks like the Little is being so sweet here, doesn't it? That wasn't exactly the case.. The photo session ended with a squirmy, whining little boy and a momma accidentally geting popped in the face - I'll spare you the photographic evidence. :) Real life, people.
It was a great, relaxing weekend. Spending time at my parents' is like a battery-charge for me. I appreciate the quality time we are able to have together and enjoy seeing Tyson in the place that 'built' me and holds so many special memories.


  1. LOVE the lacy white top!
    And totally teared up at the end. Dang you. :P