A perfect Saturday

Monday, May 12, 2014

We did (our little family's) Mother's Day celebrating on Saturday to beat the crowds and craziness (and the SNOW. That's right, it was a snowy, windy-blizzard on Sunday. Seriously, May..?!).

The day was perfect and fun and easy and just want I wanted. The Mr. was so thoughtful and the Little was so much fun and such a good kid. He's always great, but I swear, it was like he knew there was something special about the day. These two guys just light up my life and make me so thankful.
We brunched at Over Easy, the wait was a little over an hour, but it was worth it - we had fun being outside, finding bugs, playing with rocks and just being together. I can't say enough how fun this little guy is, he's so chill and flexible and funny.
No crayons here - they had a super fun kid's toy, a 3D puzzle/pirate ship. (This is Tyson's pirate-ship-noise face.)
I had gluten free pancakes - deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. We will go back (and I'll probably order these again).
They had a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar - including different tomato juices, seasonings, bacon skewers, peppers and pickles. Again deeeeelicious.
Great (kid-friendly) atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable service, fresh (did I mention delicious?) food - win/win/win.
I was spoiled by my guys and felt especially appreciated and loved. My goodies included an amazing photo book with pictures from this last year of me and Tyson (that of course made me cry) and the cd Childhood Home by Ben & Ellen Harper (Ben Harper and his mom). It was a thoughtful gift and means a lot to me in many ways - the songs are sweet, it's music from/by/for a mother and son and Ben Harper's music just holds a special place in my heart for many reasons.
We continued the afternoon wondering about outside shops with a Starbucks and doing some shopping. It was perfect and I want to remember every bit of it. I'm just overwhelmed with prayers of thanksgiving - I thank the Lord for making me a mother and blessing me with this son and for a husband that is loving, supportive and trusted me to be a mother.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day (if applicable)!! :)


  1. Oh my gosh. That picture of pancakes is making me hungry! And it's like 9:45pm lol. Sounds like a wonderful day! Starbucks, shopping, pancakes, no meltdowns... sounds perfect!

    1. Ha! Yes, I've been thinking of those pancakes ever since.. :)