G is for guitar

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I absolutely love these pictures of this cutie playing his 'eetarr'. 

We have a little ukulele the Mr. brought back from Hawaii while there on a work trip. It sits up on a shelf in the office and if Tyson gets a glimpse of it (or hears about a guitar anywhere else), he's asking for it..!! The Mr. is self-taught on the guitar and often plays for Tyson and it's now one of the Little's favorite things to do (and watch others do). 

In this case, Tyson was doing his alphabet puzzle, he put in the letter 'G' and it said, 'G is for guitar', he quickly headed into the office and asked for HIS guitar.
We usually have to help him hold it correctly, but he sat down and put his hands just right and strummed away. Sometimes he'd get up and walk around, still holding it in playing position, wander around and occasionally 'sing' along. It was all too picture perfect.
I especially love everything about this blurry picture - this is Tyson having fun with a 100% genuine laughing-grin.
Of course, he plays serious sometimes too. This little guy's profile is just precious to me.
That's all for this edition of Acoustic Cafe featuring Little Tyson, back to solving issues in the playroom - finishing puzzles and naming those animals..


  1. So cute! He looks SO HAPPY to be playing the guitar!

    1. Thanks!! :) His joy is so contagious, I just to try and capture.