Garage Sale

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday!!

As you probably saw on instragram (at Ltdeveau), we had a garage sale this weekend. Our neighborhood has particular weekends for sales, where they advertise and put up signs, so with quite a few neighbors also participating, we had pretty good traffic and thankfully beautiful weather for the event. I had the best little assistant and got rid of some clothes, so I'll call it a win.
My Mom was here on Friday so that was a big help and great company, of course. Tyson had so much fun spending time with Grandma, playing outside, trying to climb trees and picking 'fee-owers' and smelling them, as you can see from the yellow nose.
He was soooo helpful, as you can imagine a 1.5 year old would be. :) He loved hollering 'hi' and 'bye' to customers and got in some good flirting practice (heaven help me).
It was an enjoyable extra day I had home with Tyson and a great weekend. Looking forward to more sunshine, fresh air and summer fun together!!

Hope you had a great weekend!! 
Do you plan on having a garage sale this summer? Do you go to garage sales?


  1. Looks like a successful sale! Hope you made lots of money :) And Tyson is so cute with his little yellow nose from smelling all the flowers!

    1. I didn't LOSE money, I'll say that, but I didn't expect too much either. :) Haha
      I was afraid Tyson's allergies would be going nuts from shoving dandelions up his nose, but didn't seem to bother him!!