It's the little things... [Downtown]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This week, in particular, I'm reflecting on these two blessings (the Mr. and Little) I've been given and our special time together. Sometimes life gets to me and petty things bring me down. It's all trivial, really, compared to what's really important; but sometimes, more than others, it's hard for me to fight out from these things and find the good. Focusing on what I can control, my priorities and my happiness--as well as support from a handsome husband and giggles from a funny little boy--I get a chance each day to make it better and BE BETTER and rise above.
Last weekend we had some errands to run downtown, it quickly turned into a perfect family date night, kicking off a wonderful weekend honoring our freedom and those who've made it possible. Talk about put things into perspective..

After strolling a few blocks and making a few stops, we decided on a spot for dinner and settled in with our little party of three. These little moments with my guys bring me such joy. The restaurant music happened to be bumpin' and Tyson would bust out in arms-up jammin' every once in a while.
After dinner, we decided to walk off some of those 'chipies' and make a stop at a park. This little kid is a beast, he climbed up this thing all by himself!!
Just before we got back to our car, we spotted this graffiti-ed alley. It was too cool not to stop and take a look.
It was a peaceful, perfect evening, leading into a wonderful weekend. Looking back at this helps me remember what's important and a good reminder to shrug off those other things that seem to bog me down.
Sadie Sky Boutique
How do you reset after a 'bad day'? Are some days just better/easier than others?
Does looking back at good memories (if even only a few days ago) help put you in a better mood?
Is it just me..? Hello, is this thing on..? :)


  1. What a great smile in the booth picture! I always like to remind myself at the end of the day that tomorrow is a new day and a new start, doesn't matter the things I did wrong today I can always do better tomorrow. Be more patient, and not loose my shiz as easily,and stop sweating the little things and appreciating the good. Clean slate. No need to bring yesterday's flaws over into a new day!

    1. Yes, great advice Courtney. Thanks!! :)

  2. Love every photo! That graffiti alley way is so awesome! And his little smile is just the sweetest when sitting next to your husband!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! I love the idea of unexpected things together in pictures (like a little boy and graffiti wall). :) I mean I know it's not that weird, but still fun!!