It's the little things... [Party Planning]

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In July, Tyson will be two years old. I absolutely can't believe it's already been TWO YEARS, so rather than get super emotional (as I know I will be come July), I thought I'd start working on some party planning stuff. I enjoy the details and fun of parties, and especially love making a memories for these special occassions.

The Mr. and I talked about a few ideas for 'themes', according to what the Little 'into', so we presented two choices - dinosaurs or pirates. On two separate occasions, Tyson answered, 'pi-ates'. So, Momma is free to plan away..!! :)

While checking the party supply aisle at Target, I saw a few things I figured I'd better grab now as they could be gone in a few months (and I knew I'd be bummed if they were).

So here are a few little things I've collected so far and a few thoughts on party planning this year..

We're going with a generic pirate theme - although Tyson particularly likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I thought keeping it plain/simple would be best. I love the idea of paper straws, but they don't seem to be the most effective option for the job (they seem to turn soggy and kind of fall apart). So, we'll see how these actually get used. :)
In the party favor section was this pack of eye patches - a MUST for a pirate party, obviously!! I'm praying Tyson will keep one on long enough for a few pictures..
These plates are what started it.. How cute and fun are they?! I thought it was a great color scheme to go along with also. The best part about the pirate theme so far, is Tyson's answer to, 'what does a pirate say' or whenever he sees a boat/ship in a book he enthusiastically responds, 'AH-HOY MATE-EY!!'
I grabbed some cheapy streamers (we actually call it crepe paper) from Wal-Mart and am thinking of doing something of a backdrop with balloons on top like this. Or just hanging them down for the kids to run through; not really sure yet, but for $0.97, I figured they'd be fun for something.
Most of all, I plan to keep it simple, fun and non-stressful. (Yes, Mr., you can remind me I said this..) I went overboard on his first birthday party - it was awesome and perfect and memorable, but it was just too much. So this year we're going to focus on Tyson, family and spending quality time together. I can still do special planning and other little things, but I am keeping it all in perspective and making sure to savor these special moments as they are passing by so quickly.

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Any good ideas for a pirate party? What to do with streamers?
How to deal with your baby growing up so fast?


  1. Oh my gosh! I didn't know Tyson's birthday was in July! Mason's is too and I've started to think of party ideas. My niece's bday is 2 days after Mason's (well not quite 2 days... they are 2 years and 2 days apart) so we were thinking pirate and princess party. LOVING those pirate things you picked up!

    1. Yea for July/summer birthdays..!! Oh that would be so cute and fun - pirates/princess!! Get to Target and buy these plates. :) I started a board on Pinterest, let me make it public and you can see some of the things I've found so far (free printables - we're keeping it is simple, remember!!) Bring on the terrible twos!! Haha :)

  2. Adorable themes and finds. We just had my daughter's second birthday party and I planned way in advance as well. It takes a long time!

    1. How fun, what a special time!! Yes, I wanted to get this done in advance so it wasn't last minute rushing. :)

  3. Time just flies way too quickly... it's not even fair!! BUT he is going to have the cutest party!! Love the fun ideas!

    1. You are so right, way too fast!! But it's so fun watching him grow and learn and turn into such a cool little guy!! :) Thanks!!