Chateau Deveau: Day in the Life [Weekday]

Monday, June 9, 2014

Inspired by most recently, Elizabeth's (at Chasin' Mason) fun posts about their daily routine/schedules, I thought I'd share what a day in the life looks like here at Chateau Deveau.

The Mr. and I both work full time - he for a big corporation, me with a small private company. We both have pretty flexible schedules and can come and go as we please. Tyson goes to small in-home daycare. This is our schedule Monday through Thursday. We I am verrry routine, I find it not only helps me to run an organized household while working full time, but seems to be good for Tyson as well.

If you make it all the way to the end of this post, you will most likely get to find out what time I went to bed.. :) By then you might as well leave a comment of some sort because I owe you a personal congratulations for reading/following along. :)

Today is Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

6:15am - Alarm goes off and I roll over to snooze it - oooowwuuuuuuch I'm sore, a few new workouts this week and I can really feel it this morning.

6:30ish-7:15ish - Get up and get in the shower, dry my hair, put on make-up and quickly run a straightener/curling iron through my hair. Make sure the Mr. is hearing his alarm and plans on getting up. Brush my teeth and check the Weather Channel app and try to find something to wear. I hear a few sneezes on the monitor and see Tyson is awake but just hanging out, so I finish up getting ready and head in to get him.
7:30 - He's just laying there quietly like usual, so I whisper 'good morning, are you ready to get up' and he pops up with a little grin on his face and says, 'up', so I gladly grab him for some morning smooches. Since I'm ready, I go ahead and change his diaper and get him dressed. He must've caught a glance at his lego airplane on his bookshelves because he asks for his 'plane' so I hand it to him and get him changed.
I remember daycare mentioned they will be playing with water/bubbles outside on occasion so I grab some swim trunks and top from last summer and try them on to see if they still fit and they do!! Perfect. Tyson sees the shark swim trunks and wants to hold them or wear them or something, so he has a mini fit until I hand them back to him as we finish getting dressed and head downstairs.
Once downstairs we grab some milk; this morning I realize the two gallons we recently had in the fridge is down to an almost-gone gallon--looks like we'll be stopping for a few quick groceries today. Tyson helps get his shoes, then soon after has the pantry door opened himself and is pointing and saying 'that that' trying to find a snack. This morning it's animal crackers (used to bribe a 'happy birthday' greeting for his Auntie in TX).
7:45am - Get out the Mr. and I's lunches (95% of the time it's leftovers from the night before) for the day (all food for Tyson is provided at daycare), the Mr. makes a coffee and I put together a quick breakfast for myself - usually a sausage patty and a piece of gluten free toast or a hard boiled egg.

8ish - We all kind of have our acts together and ready to head out the door. We give kisses, put out the flag and get loaded up. The Mr. drops Tyson off at daycare, so we each head our own ways.
I get a few pictures from the Mr. on the way to work with the accompanying texts:
'When we see the animals'
'And when a weird song comes on the radio'
Ha. Funny guys, I know they have fun together in the mornings; plus it's AWESOME to get pictures of the little guy while we're apart.

8:20 - It's a beautiful morning!! I arrive at work and put my lunch away, make a coffee and quick browse USA Today to check out the headlines, Instagram and Facebook, check my personal email.
Work - a majority of what I do is accounting/finance, executive assistance, office manager, etc., etc. In a small business there are many hats to be worn.. I enjoy what I do and who I work, the only downfall is that I sit at a desk a majority of the day.
12pm - Lunch at my desk while I continue to work, in between checking Bloglovin'. Oh fun, Colleen at Meet the Sullivan's posted a day in the life post today. 'Day in the life' posts have been a pretty common/popular lately, so I guess I'm right on track with all the cool kids for this post.. :) I update my post a little bit with this morning's happenings and finish up lunch.

Work - Besides the boss/owner, I am the only person in the office; we don't have meetings/conference calls, it's a very quiet/relaxed atmosphere. We recently moved to a new office and I no longer have outside windows :( so I try to get out when I can for a change of scenery. Today, around 2pm, I'm getting antsy so I decide to hit up the mailbox and take a few minutes to walk around the building and enjoy some sunshine.
4:10ish - Wrap up and head out for the day to go pick up Tyson from daycare.

4:30pm -  Arrive at daycare and ring the doorbell. I hear some squeals and 'momma' and find Tyson enjoying himself and excited to see me. We get shoes on, grab our bag and head to the car. We talk about the day, dance to the 'beat', look for 'puppy-dawgs' and head to the grocery store.
5:15ish - We get home, unload the car and are home just in time for the Mr. to swing by, grab a few things and head out to meet up with some buddies (who have been out of the country). So it's just us two tonight. I get a few grapes out for Tyson to snack on while I whip up an easy supper since I'm short-handed tonight.
Since we're just doing breakfast for supper, I have a few extra minutes so we go upstairs, change clothes and facetime with my sister in TX to wish her a 'happy birthday' in person. Tyson is singing 'birtday to yoooouuuu' so I figure she's got to see this!! I realize we're pushing 6pm so we wrap it up and head down to finish supper. Fake hash browns, scrambled eggs, sausage and avocado, easy enough.
6:15ish - Tyson climbs up and gets buckled in (on his own, don't dare help him!!), say a prayer and eat dinner.
I'm done so I grab a few more grapes to keep Tyson happy and quick put away a few dishes while the little guy is contained. Tyson claims he's 'ah done now', so we clean him up and get down. He heads to the pantry and ask for his vitamins. We play a game where we hide them in the kitchen (on a drawer/cabinet ledge, on a doorknob, in his letter magnets) and he searches for them. It's really just for fun, but also gives us a chance to practice counting and for him to understand prepositions (of place). I try to get as many dishes done as I can before he wants all my attention.
6:50ish - We head up for some playtime, another Facetime call to say hi to 'Papa', shoot some hoops and then go potty and get in the bath. 
Of course we have to document it all, so we take some post-bath selfies.
Clean and adorable in his new summer jammies, I ask him for a few pictures. He hollers 'cheeeeeeese' and gets all silly on me. 
Tyson picks out a book (same one all week long) and we sit, rock and read together. 
7:20 - Finish a book, say our prayers, give kisses and hugs good night then I lay him down and leave.
Now it gets really boring because the cute one is in bed..

7:30pm - Head downstairs, turn (my latest obsession) HGTV on for some background noise and finish up the dishes and clean-up the kitchen; take a second to SIT DOWN and check instagram, facebook and my email.

8pm - Workout

8:30-9pm - I decide I'm tired of looking at the brown bananas on the counter so I search Pinterest for a recipe and make some gluten free banana muffins. Once they're in the oven, I finish folding/putting away laundry from the day before.

9:30pm - The muffins are a big-fat-fail, not worthy of sending to day care with Tyson as I had hoped (or a picture), but they're healthy and edible so they'll stay at home and come in handy for breakfast/snacks over the weekend.

9:45pm - I'm tired and frustrated with the muffins. I haven't heard from the Mr. yet so I'm sure he's having fun with his buddies and will be a bit later. I get ready for bed and am laying down by 10pm, which is a good thing because this is the time I turn into a pumpkin.. Good night!!

Congratulations!! You just made it through the longest post in Chateau Deveau history. Thanks for sharing our 'Wednesday' with us!! :)

Any questions?


  1. I love this!!! As a fellow working mom (with a full time working husband as well), I find it so interesting to see how other moms make it work. First of all, I'm very jealous of what time you wake up! Second, I love how you can totally see through the pictures what Tyson's mood is. I can totally tell he was having a meltdown. Happens frequently in our house in the morning as well so maybe I just know the warning signs LOL. So fun to get pictures/texts from your husband while they are on their way to daycare! Sounds like a busy day!

    1. Personal congratulations to Elizabeth!! :) Thanks for reading!! Yes, some mornings are definitely smoother than others. I honestly think his teeth attribute to his attitude still, he'll be just a little irritable sometimes and I notice his gums are really red or we all of a sudden have another tooth poking through!! Haha But he's great about going with the flow and makes our household so much brighter!! Now if only I could get daycare to send me picture texts during the day, that'd be the best!! :)

  2. �� love you and thanks for letting us into your family a little each week with your blog. I know you are going to love looking back at this and remember all the things you did!

    1. Jenny!!!!! Personal congratulations to YOU!! :) Haha thanks for reading!! You're so right, it will be fun to look back on this someday. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm putting myself out there like this as you know how 'private' I am. But of course this is only a sliver of a glimpse at our lives. It's also interesting/fun to connect with other mommas/blogs as it is quite the 'community'!! Either way, I hope to keep at it for a bit. Thanks for your support.

  3. Sure, pick the ONE day that I'm not even around!!!


    1. Oh, honeybuns!! You will most DEFINITELY be a part of the next 'day in the life'... :) And congratulations to YOU for making it through the post!! You were just hoping to find more grammar mistakes, that's why you read through. ;)