Date Night with JT

Thursday, June 19, 2014

No, not Justin Timberlake, you youngins!! James Taylor!!

Along with a sold out audience of baby boomers, the Mr. and I had an awesome date night to see the singer-songwriter perform at Red Rocks. We arrived in a downpour, enjoyed a candlelit dinner of Chick-Fil-A in the car then it stopped raining just in time. The weather was calm and crisp and the view was spectacular. The vibrant rainbow wasn't too bad either.
We started the 'hike' up from parking to the amphitheater.
Red Rocks is located near Morrison, west of Denver. It's an open-air amphitheater and is most definitely one of a kind. Behind the stage is a panoramic view of Denver. We've been fortunate to see a handful of concerts here; artists always comment how THIS is the place to be and perform, it really seems to be a favorite for musicians and spectators alike.
The rock formations on either side are gorgeous and impressive.
I totally get cell phones are the new cameras, but I was blown away and cracked up at how many old people we saw taking cell phone selfies. It was too funny. We obviously were doing it too, but something about 50+ year olds doing it is different.. :)
James Taylor sounded amazing live!! He was funny, interacted with the crowd and talked about the stories behind some of his songs.  
The best part was some quality time with my all-time favorite.
The place is really cool once it gets dark and the rocks are lit up. The lighting off in the distance behind the stage added some cool highlights also.
Making our way through the crowds once the show was over wasn't too bad as it moved along quickly. However, our wrong turn led us back to the stage where Mr. Taylor was still signing autographs and shaking hands. We said hi and kept on moving. :)
It was a great night and I know a dream of the Mr.'s especially to see this icon live. I'm so glad we were able to make it and have a special evening together!! It was so worth staying up way past my bedtime..


  1. What a beautiful setting! And sounds like such a fun date night! Conor & I definitely need to have more date nights sans Liam...;-)

    1. It's fun to have time just us (where we talk about Tyson most of the time haha) but it doesn't happen near enough either. We are VERY fortunate to have family close to help watch him if we do go out but I know it's not that easy for everyone.

      So excited you got our package, we had fun putting it together for you guys (after I stopped stressing about it) and hope Liam especially enjoys it!! :) Happy (early) Birthday Liam!! Plus it's always great to meet another blogger-momma with a little guy close in age to ours, seems we all go through similar experiences in this journey of parenthood. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fun night! And a GORGEOUS place to see a concert. The view is spectacular. Oh and ps... I didn't think I would be considered a youngin' still...but I totally thought it was Justin Timberlake! LOL

    1. Absolutely was!! The Mr. referred to him as 'JT' at one point throughout the night and my first thought was Justin too. Haha :)