It's the little things... [Cousins]

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tyson currently has two cousins, and awesomely enough we live in the same town with each other (the Mr.'s sister and her family)!! Three boys, all within a year and a half of each. 

The Mr.'s sister and her husband lived in Germany when their first was born, so once Tyson arrived they didn't get to 'meet' each other until they were 10 months/4 months old. I don't think I'll forget it, Aunt Jenny ran in the condo and said, 'give me my nephew!!' There were hugs, giggles and smiles from all. Here are a few pictures from their first meeting:
These little guys seemed to be instant buddies and of course, very curious about each other.
Thankfully auntie, uncle and cousin soon moved back to the USA and are now in the same town as us. It's been so fun watching these cousins grow up together and go from just playing along side each other to interacting together and asking about each other when they're apart. Then along came another little guy, about a year younger than Tyson, and now at 1-year old he's fitting right in and isn't far from running around with the two older boys.
The pictures and memories we already have of these guys together could fill a few books, and we're only just getting started..!!

Last week my SIL and her family returned home after an extended stay in FL for her husbands work. We were so glad to have them back and enjoyed a full house again at Nana and Grandpop's for Sunday dinner.
After being a part for a few months, it was too cute to see Tyson and Declan run up to each other squealing in excitement and give each other a hug. Only being six months a part in age, I hope they will always be buddies and have a special relationship. I have so many fun memories of growing up with a lot of cousins so I am happy these guys have each other. They are TOTAL opposites, just like the Mr. and his sister, but together the cousins are learning to make it work and enjoy many fun times together, and of course the occasional outburst/fight. :)

After dinner, we made s'mores and the boys got their own roasted marshmallows.
Then last night we got together again for dinner and playtime. These guys are so funny. They played guitar together and had their own little two-man band.

Then it was a bathtub FULL of cuties!!
And an armful for story time.
Tyson woke up this morning asking where his cousins and auntie were. I know he loves his time with them, as do I.

As I talked with my SIL last night, I expressed and especially realized how the older I get, the more and more important my family becomes to me. I've learned they are the ones I can truly count on and who will always be there. I hope Tyson learns these same things and realizes how lucky he is to be surround by such an amazing family and these built-in best friends, his cousins.

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  1. An armful for story time!! My gosh so cute. I wish Aria's cousins lived nearby, they are all up north and far away. The newest one is not even a month. I had so much growing up with my cousins.

    1. The distance is hard I'm sure, I hope you all get to visit often. Sometimes being far away makes those visits that much more special when you are able!! :)

  2. So excited to be paired with you!!! Happy almost TWO, Tyson! XO

    1. We're so excited..!!! :) And then I'm of course super emotional because this kid of mine and his birthdays do that to me.. I hope I'm not the only one?! Haha Thank you!!

  3. ������ these pictures and your blog! We love our time together and feel so lucky to have three amazing boys with such a great bond (Gannon mostly just follows everyone around)! I am very lucky to have a SIL who is a best friend, we hit the family jackpot!!!