Now You Know

Monday, June 30, 2014

A few bullet points to follow-up on our big news.
First, thank you for your sweet comments!!
I'm not exactly a 'butterflies and rainbows' kind of person, especially when it comes to pregnancy, and change is hard for me. So having people share in this excitement with us definitely helps me embrace this BIG change.
So, thank you thank you.
  • I'm 24 weeks along.
  • It's a girl. I'm a little in shock and overwhelmed about this, it's still sinking in. :) Please share, you girl moms, I feel like I haven't a clue..?!?! I'm scared of pink. :)
  • This pregnancy has been a little different from the first. More on this soon..
  • We took a bit longer before sharing the news this go around for a few reasons (and then again it's just how it happened to be).
    • With my sister expecting and due a month before us with her first, I felt sensitive to not take anything from her and their excitement and sharing the news so we put off sharing our news a little because of that.
    • We are always cautious before sharing, beyond family and close friends, to ensure things are progressing along safely.
    • Then it had been a while and we figured we'd just wait until we found out the gender and then share.
    • I had a little anxiety about sharing because it's just such a private and special thing (and a few instances surrounding us sharing had been less than exciting) so I was a just a little discouraged about it.
    • Trying to take some pictures for an announcement wasn't really going as I had imagined so again I just felt discouraged and let down.
    • Then I realized how sweet and supportive this blogging community seems to be and then I got really excited to share with these new friends.
    • Then our computer crashed the night before I wanted to post the news and I felt like it was a sign..
    • I know, so dramatic. Blame the hormones.
  • Due date is October 19th.
  • She's a mover (and strong)..!!
  • Tyson loves to holler 'hi sisterr' at my belly and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
I'm just so thankful for the support, encouragement and excitement we have received. It's good for me and I need that as we figure our way through this next chapter in our lives. We'd gladly accept any and all prayers for a continued safe and healthy pregnancy and baby.


  1. awww 'hi sisterr' that is sweet. Girls are fantastic! I'm sure you'll morph right into a boy and girl mom. I always thought I'd be a boy mom, but I can't imagine having anything but Aria now. She's a bulldozer though.

    1. Ah, thank you for the encouragement!! :) I know it'll become our new normal, but when you don't know, you don't know. It's so funny what we imagine vs. real life, I believe the good Lord has a plan and a reason for it all though. :) Haha Aria is so sweet!!

  2. While I can't give you any advice on being a girl mom, I am so excited for you! Oh and the 19th is a great day to be born on (my bday is September 19th) so I think that is a sign for something GREAT. Hope things have been going better for you! Can't wait to hear more about this exciting news!!!

    1. Either way, thank you for the kind words, as always!! :) Everyday it's sounding more normal as refer to 'her'. Haha thanks for following along and for your support!!

  3. I'm almost 20 weeks with our second girl! Pregnancy the second time around is so different isn't it?? Anything girl related that you want to know, please feel free to ask!!

    1. Oh, congratulations!! :) You're so right - and for some reason, I think I thought it would be the same ?! (even though I knew better..). Thanks so much for the support, I'll have to follow along your journey and see how it's done. ;)