That's just my baby daddy..

Sunday, June 15, 2014

And by just my baby daddy, I mean one of the most amazing men ever.

I knew Dan would be an amazing father from the get-go. He constantly took care of me and helped calm all my 'crazy' and just seemed to be a natural as we prepared to become parents. I said from day one that I hoped our little boy would be just like him and I am so proud and happy that Tyson is like his Dad in so many ways..

I am proud of their bond and of Dan for being such a respectful, responsible and loving Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dan - 

Although big and strong, you are so gentle and tender to our baby. The past year has been full of so many wonderful and special memories, all thanks to you.  (First Father's Day 2013)
You already have taught Tyson so many things, you are a patient and loving teacher and have so much to offer Tyson.
You are spontaneous and such an explorer and I see Tyson growing into a very adventurous little boy and I know you are his inspiration. While always guiding us to our next adventure, you constantly have our safety and well-being in mind, all while providing exciting moments and memories.
You are so generous and hard-working and provide us with such a wonderful life.
You can always make Tyson smile and giggle like I've never heard him laugh before. I know he loves you so much and loves to be around you.
You are so gentle and compassionate, you provide such a safe-haven for our family and I am so grateful Tyson has such a wonderful example of how to be a man/husband/father.
You are so smart and I love your high expectations and hopes for Tyson. You are excellent at turning fun and play into learning moments for him.
You always go out of your way to make us feel special and show us your love in unexpected, surprising ways. 
I absolutely love that Tyson has a passion for the guitar just like you.
 I know he will be a loyal and dedicated worker, just like the impressive work ethic you have.
 I could take pictures of you two all day, you both melt my heart and make me so happy.
 Thank you for reading to Tyson, even if it's the same book over and over.
 Thank you for helping not be afraid to try new things.
 Thank you for crazy-fun playtime.
 Thank you for being so athletic and passing those genes (apparent already) on to our boy. 
 Thank you for being there. 

I think these pictures speak for themselves - you are an involved, fun and loving Father. I couldn't ask for anything more for Tyson (and for me). You have always been such a rock for me and I know our family will continue to count on you for years to come. I know the year head will bring many many more memories, there is no one else we'd want to share them with.

Thank you for all you do. We love you. Happy Father's Day!!

Momma & Tyson


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend celebrating Dads!!

  2. Eeekk! I LOVE all of these pictures! Especially the family picture and the rake picture! So cute!!! Happy Father's Day to your husband!!
    PS LOVE those ties on the bottles. Where did you find those?!

    1. Oh, I had so much fun going through these pictures. Hard to believe how much these little guys change in just a year..!! Hope you guys had a great Father's Day as well. (I think I found those printable ties on Pinterest somewhere, I'll have to see if I can find the link..?! So cute, huh?!)

  3. What a sweet post! I love all the pictures!!! I have been trying to take more lately, but Liam is being such a stinker when he sees the camera right now. Happy Father's Day!

    1. Thank you!! Hope you guys had a special Father's Day weekend!! We're currently in the 'cheeeeese' phase when we try to take a picture so those are always fun. :) The phone seems to be our go-to camera lately, so I'm trying to make the effort to use our nice camera too; it's so fun to look back on them though so I know I'll never regret having TOO many pictures.

  4. Thanks for the post babe, I am so happy that we have our little family....can't imagine what I'd do without you guys.