Toddler Packin'

Thursday, June 12, 2014

We're thinking it's time to get the Little his own backpack. He loves helping carry his bag/tote each day for daycare; he'll holler 'hold it hold it' and either grab the handles or swing it up on his arm (like how I must do with my purse..?!). Particularly on Sundays, my purse is reaching it's limit with books, dinosaurs and other entertainment. Plus, his approaching birthday will be a perfect opportunity to gift him with a new accessory.
We currently use a little tote my Mom gave Tyson with Sully's face from Monster's Inc. It is cute and works for daily to-and-from daycare, but it has a few downfalls - it doesn't zip or secure shut and it isn't the easiest for Tyson to carry. It often drags along the ground and tips over spilling it's contents if dropped.

A backpack could help with some of the items normally in a diaper bag also, although I never really consistently carried a diaper bag. Our current bag just stays in my car with necessities like a safety kit, diapers, wipes, blanket, etc. (and probably a 9 month old extra outfit?). I'm not really sure what's even in there right now.. Haha Obviously I don't use it much and haven't updated it recently. In my purse, I have a pouch with an extra diaper or two, small pack of wipes, snacks and some Kleenex, a small car - again, not really sure what else..? But with a new backpack of his own, this can all be updated and kept in one place that HE can help carry..!!

I loved the ideas Natasha at Schue Love put together for her little guy here. The options she posted were super stylish and had a mature-feel, but I just don't think I'm ready to spend $40+ on a toddler backpack.

What I'm looking for in a backpack for Tyson:
  • Generic/simple, not too obnoxious (No movie characters, something with a little more of a 'grown-up' feel that he can use for a while)
  • Inexpensive (It's all relative..)
  • Functional (Obviously.)
  • No leash/harness (Seriously, a lot of the options I found had leashes attached..?!)
We browsed at Target (in store) and I was pretty disappointed with the selection - they seemed to only be popular kids tv shows/movie theme backpacks, they're like in-your-face advertisements/movie posters.

I decided to check out and Toys R Us and found the following options:

Skip Hop Backpacks - These are so cute and fun!! Although an affordable option, it might be something he'd 'outgrow' sooner than later. I think we'd like something a little more understated..
Dinosaur Backpack by Dwell Studio - The Mr. and I both liked this one, and although I'm sure it wipes clean, I just cringe when I see anything this light/white. I'm afraid it would get too dirty too fast..

Ruler Backpack - Can you say just right/simple? Again, we both really like this ruler backpack option. Although light in color on the front, it's black all around and would be a great option for our little guy..
Wildkin Pack 'n Snack Backpack - Camouflage - This brand 'Wildkin' had some cute options that weren't too obnoxious but still fun for a kid, including astronauts, frogs, robots, etc. Ultimately, the Mr. and I just weren't feeling these options as much as others (plus I'd rather purchase from somewhere other than Babies R Us/Toys R Us).

Then while blog-reading, Strawberry Swing and other things linked to mini backpacks at Pottery Barn Kids - I hadn't even thought to look there so I headed over to check out their options. Adorable!! The mini size measures in at 11", which would be perfect for a two year old. The Mr. saw 'Shark Camo' and it was over. I reallllllly loved the Gray Striped backpack, but again, it was just too white and I could just see it getting too dirty too fast.

So, ding-ding-ding - we have a winner, the Mackenzie Gray Shark Camo Mini Backpack!!
Although it's probably a little more $$ than what I originally thought we'd spend on a backpack, the mini size won us over. The Mr. and I both like the gray shark camo and I say it falls under the 'need (or wear)' category for a birthday gift (want/need/wear/read). Win/win/win.

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see him walking around with this on his back..!!


  1. SO many options! Not at the backpack stage just yet but I didn't think there were so many options out there, yowzer. I like the skip hop zoo ones, but you're right definitely only for a certain age.

    1. Yes, there are many options that for sure..!! (Lots of cute stuff for girls, especially.) But I felt discouraged how obnoxious most of them were (although I suppose that what get the kids' attention). Someday we'll let him pick his own stuff, but for now I'll take care of that for him. :)

  2. So, so sweet! I can't wait to see him sporting his new backpack!! I should totally do the same for Mason... but instead I carry everything and more in my purse for him now. It would be nice to have him carry his own stuff in a little backpack...though I have a feeling I might be the one wearing it at the end of the day lol

    1. Yes, I have a feeling my purse is gonna bust apart one of these days cause I shove it too full!! :) I'll definitely be sharing pictures of him with his backpack..!! It's a mini..!! Haha