Weekend Fun

Monday, June 16, 2014

This weekend we were lucky enough to have my parents stay with us Friday and Saturday. We celebrated my Mom's birthday and then Father's Day. We always enjoy our time together and Tyson especially loves the extra attention. :)
We hit up the zoo Friday afternoon which ended up being a perfect time to go as we beat weekend crowds and caught some afternoon clouds to keep us cool. We went a few times last year, but it was so fun this visit as Tyson seemed to really 'get it', he was so excited to see the animals!!
They have an awesome, interactive giraffe exhibit where you get up close and personal!! You can feed them lettuce and pet them, it's very cool.
My mom is the greatest, love this - capturing a selfie with a giraffe, and a kiss..!! :)
Oh Tyson loves his Papa, they have such a special bond. Since Tyson was a baby, people have commented on their resemblance. Watching them together is so special to me, I was so happy we got in time together this weekend as we celebrated how special he is to us!!
My SIL and her family met us at the zoo also; of course the cousins had a blast running around together.
We got a season pass so we're looking forward to many more visits to the zoo this summer!!
It was a gorgeous weekend - we enjoyed time outside, chasing/tickling each other with 'trees', playing with trucks and hanging in the tree.
Little monkey. Don't ask about biting the tree (he did this on his own..)?!?! :)
Fun with Papa!! Look at those smiles, they make me so happy. :)
We had such a great time and were happy to have Grandma and Papa for a few days. They are such a blessing to us in so many ways and we're glad to be close enough to do this often.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed celebrating those dads special to you!!







  1. oh I didn't know you were CO! I went to CU, but only made it to the Denver Zoo. I heard good things about that one though, and I love that they have the giraffe bit. My local zoo now does, but you aren't suppose to touch them...I'm like what is the point then of having such a close encounter?!

  2. Nice!! It's a beautiful state. :) Haha Exactly, what's the point of getting up close and not touching them..?! Either way, it is really neat to be able to see such a creature that close!!