Weekend Recharge

Monday, June 2, 2014

This past weekend we decided to head out to my parents for a visit. I'm glad we did as it was great to see them, as always, was a nice little getaway and a chance to recharge. I didn't take many pictures. We didn't do anything in particular. It was perfect.

We went to a few garage sales and bought a mini guitar for $1.50. Tyson loved it and played so much he got a blister on his finger. Life of a musician..

We stopped at the neighboring small town fire station for their open house. Tyson sat in the truck and sprayed the water hose at a play house on fire.
After Saturday night Mass, we went to the parish BBQ and got to visit with family friends. A friend from high school that I grew up with happened to be visiting her family that weekend also and was there with her little boy. Before we even had a chance to get together and talk, Tyson and her little boy made friends and were running around together.
It was fun to watch Tyson on the go, being independent and playing with other kids. He was able to sweet talk the lady at the dessert table for a cookie and walked up to us with a mouthful, proudly showing off his treat.
We went on walks, took naps (and got scraped knees, well Tyson did). There were lots of laughs, hugs and a big rain storm.
We headed home in time for 'Sunday dinner' and time with my in-laws, a weekly tradition; then home to unpack and get one tired little boy to bed. It was a great weekend full of family-time, which is just what the doctor ordered.

Hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!!


  1. haha, love that he sweet talked the lady out of a cookie! Skinned knees are the pits, but if Aria is as clumsy as her mom I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty around here...she had a bout of them a few weeks ago, got one knee then the other then back to the first for a second. And, getting to hang out with the firetrucks...sounds like every kids dream!

    1. Oh, poor Aria!! :) Hope her knees are better soon!! I have a feeling it will be an all-summer long thing around here. He loves to go, and go fast..!! He's one tough cookie, but it's so different to see his precious and perfect skin torn up. Hope you had a great weekend also!!

  2. Poor guy! I think lots of scrapped knees are in our future though too. Mason is pretty clumsy and with shorts on and nothing covering his knees, we're sure to be using up all of our Cars band-aids :)

    1. Tis the life of boys. :) Thankfully Tyson's been really tough about it all and even 'brushes himself off' when he stands up from wiping out. I need to get some cool band-aids too, I'm sure they'd be a hit!!