Annual Birthday Questions: [Turning Two]

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I thought it would be fun to answer a few questions about Tyson, what he likes and is into each year. For this year, the Mr. and I put together our answers for him to look back on someday, including some favorite Instagram pictures from this last year. (I got this idea/questions from Pinterest, from here.)

What is your favorite color? 
Blue - This is the only color you recall (so far) and we mostly dress you in blue. It really brings out your beautiful clear-blue eyes.
What is your favorite toy? 
Ukulele - The little ukulele your Dad brought back from Hawaii is your favorite thing to play with. You love playing guitars with your Dad and will walk around and play and sing. You also like to do your puzzles and shoot hoops. You LOVE reading books and will sit and go through a whole stack turning each page by page, pointing out everything you know.
What is your favorite stuffed animal? 
What is your favorite thing to sleep with? 
(Not pictured) Your crib has become quite crowded with pillows (made by Grandma), blankies, duck (wubbanub pacifier), stuffed giraffes and your soft book. Usually, it seems you touch everything at some point or another throughout the night because some mornings it looks like a tornado went through your crib, other nights most everything is still in place but your soft book is in your hand and your giraffe is curled up beneath you as you sleep on your belly. You are such a great sleeper and have started to get attached to these items.
What is your favorite fruit?
Grapes and blueberries. When we go to the store and we go by the grapes, you get so excited and I usually pick you 1-2 for a little sample. You call most all other fruit an apple and enjoy scraping a few bites out of those when you get a chance.
What is your favorite cereal?
Cheerios - that's about all you've had.
What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? 
Breakfast is your favorite meal!! You love scrambled eggs, muffins and pancakes, and sausage. When we are home on the weekends, eating breakfasts together is one of my favorite times!!
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
You like quite a few things, but especially love pizza and 'chippies'
What is your favorite dessert?
Any dessert really, and it's always a treat when you do get sweets, but you love 'birtday cake'.
What is your favorite drink? 
Milk - That's all you drink (and water), you ask for it nicely, 'milk pease' then be sure to point out, 'mymilk mymilk'
What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner? 
What is your favorite animal?
You LOVE all animals - you especially like giraffes and elephants, and puppy dogs (from a distance).

What is your favorite book? 
Where the Wild Things Are - you pick this book to read almost every single night before bed. You've started to almost 'read' along as you know what parts are next and you explain the pictures yourself.

You also really like The Noisy Farm as you love to point out all the animals, the farmer and his tractor. Ever since you were a baby though, books have been your favorite!!
What is your favorite song? 
Itsy Bitsy Spider and you like to sing 'It's raining, it's pouring' when it's raining.
What is your favorite game?
You are such a fun and energetic boy, you love anything that involves running around, tickling, wresting and having fun with Dad, shooting hoops and playing hide-and-seek with your vitamins after dinner. 
What is your favorite tv show? 
Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Chica Show
What is your favorite movie? 
Madagascar 2 - OHMYGOSH do you love this movie..!!! You ask for 'hippo pease? lion pease?', you will sit and watch the entire movie if we let you. The beginning part seems to scare you and you always come stand in the dining room kind of behind the couch when we first start it, or will stand next to me or your Dad and peak at the tv until that part is over.
What is your favorite thing to do outside? 
You love to be outside!! You enjoy chasing birdies, going to check the mail, sitting in and hanging from the trees, watching airplanes and helicopters fly by. At Grandma and Papa's you love to ride the little car down the driveway and swing and help in the garden, and you have a great time playing soccer and going in and out of the playhouse at Nana and Grandpop's.
Who is your best friend? 
Cousin Declan - You two are quite the pair!! Sometimes you fight like hell and beat each other up, and other times you both melt our hearts as you have so much fun playing together and have such a good time. You both ask about each other when you're apart. We know you two will be such trouble buddies as you grow up together!!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Either a priest--if you ever see a cross or something similar you lift it up and carry it around, just like they do at church; 
  • A musician--you love to play the guitar and hear 'a beat'; 
  • An engineer--you are always so interested in how things work and checking out all the buttons and switches, plus you are so much like your Dad, I can see you following in his footsteps; 
  • Or a weight lifter--when you find a bar or a stick or anything really, you lift it over you head to your shoulders and do 'squat squat squat', plus you love to mimic Momma when she works out.
No matter what you are or want to be, we know you will be so good at it; you are already so determined, passionate and smart - we know you will be able to do whatever you put your mind to!!

Looking forward to new experiences, likes/dislikes and even more of your emerging personality over this next year!! 
Happy 2nd Birthday, Tyson!!


  1. I absolutely loves these! I got Aria a birthday book her first year, and it has little prompts in there and questions. I haven't really looked at it since then, but I'll definitely be adding a few more because they are awesome. I love hearing the answers kids come up with =)

    1. That's so fun, I just think it'll be sooooo cool to look back in years and see what he was into as a little guy. Now if I can just stay on top of these each year!! :)

  2. I love, love, love this! I might totally steal this idea if it's ok :) Though I am running out of time to do it! Eeek!

  3. I seriously love this! What a fun idea :) I have a little book called "Every Day" and it has five little paragraph spaces on each page (each day of the year) so you can write a sentence or two about what happened that day for five years. I have been trying to fill it out for Remick since I didn't really do a baby book. Even looking back to the first couple weeks he was home with us is so fun!!

    1. Oh those books are such a cool idea. I wish I was better with keeping up with stuff like that. I did pretty good in a monthly baby book, until month 12. :( My mom gave me notes she has from the day I was born and the days/weeks after. She was soooo good and taking notes and it's been fun to read through them. Gives me motivation for the next kid!! :) Haha