Birthday Breakfast: [Turning Two]

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tyson's birthday was awesome indeed..!! All celebrations turned out perfect, we were especially happy to be surrounded by family during the fun. Tyson thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was so fun to watch him have such a great time and be so full of joy!!

It worked out that both the Mr. and I had Friday off, which was Tyson's actual birthday so we started the morning, just as we did one year ago, with some birthday donuts!! (I think this will definitely be our yearly tradition.)
I was shocked he didn't go for the one with sprinkles..?! He picked the maple cruller (and proceeded to eat the entire thing..).
Two little candles, one super-excited toddler and enough smiles to melt our hearts..!! He was so cute, he was shaking with excitement (and a sugar rush, I'm sure)!!
We had some special calls, including FaceTime with Grandma and Aunties who were getting ready to head our way.
We opened a few gifts in the morning, including the prequel to his favorite movie and a t-ball set, which he proceeded to pick the bat up and swing and nailed the ball like he's a pro baseball player, he's a natural and thoroughly enjoyed playing. I must say he inherited my love of gifts, it was so sweet watching him get so excited for every little thing.
It was a perfect morning to start a perfect weekend!! I am thankful we had this time together at home with our little guy on his birthday.


  1. Birthday donuts, I'm telling ya what a good idea! Perfectly decadent start to a great birthday!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't get over how similar Tyson and Mason are. We plan to spend Mason's birthday breakfast eating donuts and Mason got a t-ball set for his bday too! So glad you guys had a great day!

    1. Haha I know, right?! Or we are just BOTH AWESOME mommas?! :) I think Mason will love the t-ball set..