Happy Birthday Tyson: [Turning Two]

Friday, July 11, 2014

"On the night you were born, the moon shone with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered, 'Life will never be the same.' Because there had never been anyone like you...ever in the world."

Last night I checked in on you, like I do every night, and you were looked particularly so grown up, yet with that sleepy-face that reminds me most of your baby-face. You rustled around and sprawled out, looking almost too big for your crib, it seems.

Today you are TWO!! It seems like you just joined our family, although it's like you've been a part of our lives forever. You bring so much joy, laughter and happiness to all around you.

Over the past year, you have grown and changed so much!! You can count to 10 (but usually forget 8-9). Your vocab is awesome and you are putting more and more sentences together everyday. Today's in particular being, 'awesome birttday!' (We've only been up for a few hours and it is already an awesome birthday..!!)

We are looking forward to the year ahead for you, especially, as you grow into your new role as big brother. We know you will be such a good role model and protector of your little sister. You make us so proud!! You are smart, funny, handsome and oh-so-perfect for us.

Happy Birthday, Tyson!! 
Wherever you go, our love will find you.
Momma and Daddy

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  1. Happy Birthday Tyson! Birthday donuts, total win mom =) Don't you just love Nancy Tillman books? Our faves.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, those books are so sweet and almost choke me up every time if I really think about it.. :)

  2. Happy (belated) birthday Tyson!!!!!! CANNOT wait to hear more about the party! Hope you had an AMAZING birthday weekend!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!! Hope to share some details soon, we're on a party 'hangover'. :) So excited for you guys too and a very special day coming up!! :) Definitely celebrate all week long!!