Retail Therapy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shopping can definitely be therapeutic for me. I needed the pick-me-up so I dug into my 'fun account' and indulged in some superficial therapy. Haha :) Here's what I've been buying..

I decided it was time to spoil baby girl and buy her something. Please note it was NOTHING pink yet, we are working towards that. GAP had already on sale items + additional 40% off so I picked a few things I thought might be good to have on hand, including these. Don't worry, we'll figure out a way to 'girl' them up..

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I know, everyone and their moms are talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but what's different is my shopping is on a budget, no fancy-schmancy purchases here unfortunately.. :) I got sucked into the trap and hopped online and bought some things. I'm a big believer in NOT reinventing the wheel so I went with some great recommendations I had seen online and grabbed a few things that have me so excited for Fall!! I doubt the tunics will fit over the bump come October, but will be perfect for after baby.
Thanks Laura for a few of these recommendations!! :)

Then I also impulse bought these candles. They're beautiful and I like this brand's scents normally, so fingers crossed I like these. Otherwise, they'll make good little gifts to have on hand.

Piko Tunics
I finally bought a few Piko tops, in preparation for Fall. I found 10% off coupon code + free shipping so I decided it was time to just do it. They are a 'boutique' item that seem to be popular in the South (kind of?). It's a dolman-sleeve-ish top that looks super comfortable and can be very versatile. I went with tunics, in hopes they'll be long enough to cover my butt and wear with leggings. I think they'll be forgiving as well come post-baby-body this fall/winter. Update: Shop these today with code 'savorsale' for 20% off.

If you are an online shopper, don't forget to go through EBATES when ordering. I am such a skeptic and didn't want to sign up for another thing, but this is too simple and silly NOT to do. Create an account (go through my referral link and we both win), link through them before checking out and you get cash back at participating stores. Easy peasy, free money. I know it is only a few dollars here or there but they can add up and when you get a check for $15-20 or so, that's a 'free' shirt or dinner at Chipotle - and I'm sure not going to turn that down. :)

What have you bought lately?
Are you sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or can you not stop shopping it?


  1. Girl, I LOVE all of your choices! I was trying to be really good and not shop the Nordstrom sale (plus I didn't really see anything that excited me in the store)...but I'm LOVING your choices! Cute for work and for weekends! I'm going to send my husband to you when he asks where I got my new clothes ;)

    1. Thanks!! :) Well good restraint!! That is a benefit to shopping online, you're able to see more of the pieces easily, I'm just hoping the sizing is all ok once it arrives.. Yes, I'm thinking I will get really good use out of these pieces so it makes them worth it.

  2. You really did have a little retail therapy; I love it! And how have I not heard of those Piko tops?! They look perfect for fall!

    1. Yes!! :) If you go for a piko top, sign up for emails as they often have % off codes. I can't wait to get them and try them on, obviously a little excited for Fall with all these new pieces. :) Thanks for the recommendations!! ;)

  3. Cutest picks! Loving the baby girl items you picked up!

    1. Thanks!! :) Not too girly yet, I'm easing into all the PINK!! :)