Survival Guide: [Sans Mr.]

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week the Mr. had a work trip and was gone all week. The timing was a little 'depressing' as we just had a busy-house, family-filled, high-energy-party-having weekend, then all of a sudden everyone was gone and we were home 'alone'. Either way, the trip was a great opportunity for the Mr. and the Little and I survived the week together, so it's all good.

Here are a few things that helped us through the week, sans Mr...

New birthday toys
Tyson has always been good and entertaining himself, but this past week he was exceptionally self-entertained (for the most part). I'd be in the kitchen putting supper together, and he'd go up to the loft/playroom himself and be nicely playing, alone. I think it helped having his new birthday toys and books, as he was really into checking all those out, but either way it was helpful since there wasn't always an extra person there to play with him, and I was able to get things done without a toddler pushing/pulling on my legs and whining/crying for attention.

Trashy TV
Once I put Tyson to bed, I'd turn the TV on for some background noise/entertainment. Since the Mr. wasn't there to disapprove, I'd tune into Real Housewives of New Jersey or whatever other obnoxious Bravo TV show happened to be on. So just like the good 'ol days, I indulged in some trashy TV while doing dishes, laundry and cleaning up. I threw some HGTV and Modern Family in there to mix it up and give myself some brainless-activity for the evening.

Plan ahead 
Monday night after Tyson was in bed, I prepared a casserole to have for dinner the next evening. It was so nice then when we got home to just throw it in the oven and be able to relax and play with Tyson until it was ready. It made for for plenty of leftovers also, which was nice to have on hand. We also made plans for dinner/donut dates with my SIL and the cousins which helped break up the week, offer other entertainment and change of scenery while we're 'on our own'.

We had plenty of FaceTime calls with Grandma and Papa, Aunties and with Daddy throughout the week, which was nice for some 'outside interaction' and checking in. We also took plenty of Momma and Tyson selfies to send each morning to the Mr. It's so nice to be able to 'see' each other everyday even though far apart, Tyson would get so excited and say, 'Daaaddyy!! My daddy my daddy!!'

Although this can be a downside to being 'on our own', I used it to my benefit - being 26 weeks pregnant helped me to about pass out every night once hitting the pillow. I tend to scare the begeebies out of myself and have my mind race, so being so tired I couldn't help but fall asleep was nice when my bodyguard wasn't beside me. If you aren't pregnant, go ahead and just add vodka here.. ;)

Tyson was so flexible, helpful and on his best behavior most all of the week, it really wasn't bad at all. It's like he's all of a sudden a 'big boy' and has had such a great attitude. He was a lot of fun and we had some great bonding time, just the two of us. There were evenings where we skipped a bath, had a SUPER easy supper, didn't get many things checked off my to-do list and had pity parties, but we made it through and couldn't be more happy to have the Mr. home!! I'd say this 'single parent' stint is one of the most successful to date; a big THANK YOU to the Little who was an excellent team player!! :)

Saturday morning made for a sweet and fun reunion for these best buds.


  1. I hate when Conor has work trips! I usually try to be out of the house as much as possible. A week is a long time... Sounds like you survived though! :-)

    1. Yeah, I am an absolute baby when it comes to him being gone. :) But I also know so many people have it much worse than we do. We just aren't away from each other often, so it's hard when we are. Having a little one to look after helps pass the time and keep busy. And we always survive, some times just a little more easily than others. :)

  2. So sweet! Love that last picture! Thankfully my husband works close to home all the time and doesn't have business trips, cuz I would not know what to do! You did great! Also, that top left selfie your shirt!! Where did you get it?? Oh, and is that Lego the Jake Lego Pirate Ship?? If so, we got one too for Mason's birthday but I've tried to space out the opening of all the toys and we haven't opened it yet. Looks cute!

    1. Yes, thankfully he doesn't travel often. That shirt is F21, but was from a while ago. They have some like it often so keep an eye out for one, I LOVE it. Yes it's the Jake/Lego set, it's been fun and it has a little cannon that actually shoots, so that's been the most entertaining, of course. :) I don't blame you, I did that with his last birthday and Christmas, held on to some toys and opened them later to spread it all out. Makes for a good NEW treat every once in a while.

  3. My fave are the selfies! Too cute. I love your exhaustion or vodka plan. I'm the same. I hate sleeping alone, and it took me a very long time to get use to it because my husband use to work night shifts. I was really good at it though at the end..I am now having a hard time sharing the bed again now that he has a daylight job.
    New toys too...those usually work like a charm. My gosh the plethora we had after a Dec birthday and Christmas was intense. A good intense though.

    1. Oh that would be tough!! I must say I also was 'used' to the whole bed to myself towards the end of the week. :) I bet you guys were/are overloaded with toys and treats come December, so fun and festive though!! :) I hold on to a few and open at a later time to help spread out the fun!! :)