Toddler Gift Exchange: [Turning Two]

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get ready for Tyson-turning-two overload.. We've hit July and I'm in full-on party-planning-feeling-nostalgic/emotional-my-baby-is-growing-up mode!! :)

The ever-so-sweet Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason organized a Toddler Gift Exchange for a few other bloggers with little ones turning two this summer and we were so excited to be included.

We received our package in the mail and were anxious to dig in..!!
 Tyson stuck his hand in and all of a sudden wasn't too sure what was in there..?!
After making it past the crinkly-fun filler, Tyson pulled out a pirate book!! The illustrations are vibrant and fun, so many new things to look at!! I especially love the opportunity for an 'ahoy matey' out of Tyson each time we read it.
We read his card and I told him a very stylish and precious little girl sent him these goodies. (Seriously, check her out in those sandals...?!) Obviously, Tyson appreciates a cute girl. :)
There's more...
An adorable parrot t-shirt from Zara - I think you can tell how he feels about it. He grabbed it and hugged it saying, 'my shirt!'
He's just like his Momma and wanted to look back through goodies again. Watching him enjoy opening his package and getting so excited with each gift has me really looking forward to his upcoming birthday..!! I get such joy out of watching him discover and appreciate new things.
It is so fun to watch him with a new book. You can see his eyes scanning every inch of every page and taking in all the newness, pointing out every little thing he knows.
THANK YOU THANK YOU to Ashely and Waverly for the pirate book, parrot shirt and sweet card. I think the shirt will be PERFECT for a certain party coming up..!! You guys are so sweet and thoughtful.

Head over to Laura's blog to see what we sent sweet Liam for his birthday, then be sure to check out the other bloggers to see what surprises their little ones received!!

Elizabeth from Chasin' Mason
Ashley from Words About Waverly
Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique
Laureen from Chateau Deveau
Natasha from Schue Love
Happy 2nd Birthday to all you sweet little ones!!
Thank you again, Elizabeth, for organizing this exchange!!


  1. Love the pirate themed gift! Can't wait to see Tyson sporting it!

    1. Yeah!! I'm so excited, I need to get my bum in gear and start getting party stuff DONE!! :)

  2. So awesome! Love the pirate theme! This was such a fun little gift exchange to participate in! Happy second birthday, Tyson!

    1. I know - thanks!! :) I loved seeing everyone's gifts/pictures today!!

  3. Replies
    1. I can't look at the parrot shirt without smiling especially, it's going to be perfect for the party!! :) I can't wait.

  4. Yay, love that he loved it!!!! Loved shopping for him, happy birthday Tyson!!!!! Xo

    1. THANK YOU!! We had so much fun opening your package, as you can tell. :) You guys are so sweet.

  5. So, so cute! I love how in depth he looked at each gift. And how he immediately hugged his shirt when he saw it. So sweet! Thank you for participating in the exchange!

    1. Oh man, he's a character. I can't wait to give him more gifts on his birthday. It's too fun to spoil them, huh?! Thank YOU, Elizabeth!! :)