Tyson's Wishlist: [Turning Two]

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July is here and we are on the countdown until a very special 2nd birthday!!

I am still a little in disbelief and starting to get emotional thinking about our little boy turning TWO. As I mentioned here, we are planning a small pirate party with family and a few friends. In the meantime, I thought we should put together a wish list because what's a birthday without a few fun packages to open..?!

I try to keep a running list via Amazon Wish List or on my phone so I have a few ideas saved throughout the year when we think of something that he wants/needs or I see someone suggest a product I think might be good for him.

This age has been hard for me in regards to finding gifts and buying for - we've had a few friends who's little ones have been/passed two years old and I just feel like toys are either too baby or too grown up for this age, so I'd happily welcome any ideas/suggestions also. :)

Clothes - Car caddie - Tricycle
  • Color/shape learning toys/books - Melissa & Doug Clock or these Eric Carle books of shapes and of colors
  • Books - If I had to say one thing that Tyson loves and is 'into', without a doubt it's books and it has been since he was a baby, seriously. He's always been able to sit and go through his books for minutes on end (in baby/toddler world, that's a long time). He loves to turn the pages, look at the pictures, hear the stories and he's starting to 'read' them on his own now too. I thought this one about a new baby would be perfect for him this year.
  • Pirate ship - Little People Pirate Ship or Imaginext Pirate Ship - Again, I think the different levels and moving parts would be fun for Tyson, plus on theme with his party!!
  • Took kit - I think the pieces and parts to put together would be fun for Tyson.
  • Backpack - Like I mentioned here the Mr. and I wanted to get Tyson his own little backpack (it was delivered the other day and I can't wait to give it to him and have him 'try' it on..!!).
  • Latch boards - Tyson loves all things switches/buttons/latches. I think he'd love playing with all the moving parts on these boards.
  • Football - He's a boy.
  • Clothes - With a growing boy, we seem to go through clothes fast!! GAP and Old Navy have cute choices.
  • Cozy car caddie - I wish I had the motivation to get a few of these made as I think they'd make great gifts for little boys, as well as be a perfect addition to the new backpack for taking to church or out to eat, etc. for entertainment. My mom is very talented and I already sent her this idea ((hint hint)). :)
  • Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle - My family is getting this for Tyson and I'm so excited to see his face when he gets it!! I think he'll love riding around on this and it's something that will last for years, even when he's bigger.

  • Any suggestions of gifts for a two year old, in general?
    Need more ideas?
    Check out Elizabeth (here) and Natasha (here) - both posted gift ideas for their little guys, also turning two this summer.


    1. I LOVE that Pirate ship!!! I eye it EVERY time we go to Target! I almost think I want it more than Mason-doesn't-know-it-but-he-wants-it! lol. Also, I LOVE that car caddy! I've never seen one, but that is a great idea!

      1. Haha I'm always picking things Tyson will 'love' (because I love them). :) Yes, I'm really hoping my mom will make some car caddies for me..!! I think they'd be so great to have on hand for boys' birthdays that come up, a fun and personal one-of-a-kind kind of gift.

    2. Such a cute list! I love the pirate ship. I'm a big fan of Ree Drummond! It all looks great! Mine is younger soooo I've got no suggestions...books are our fave too though! Can't go wrong with books, she got so many last Christmas it was amazing!

      1. Thanks Courtney!! :) I'm thinking we might have to do some after-birthday shopping if some of these things don't make the cut for his party. Haha I've been so thankful for people giving books as gifts, I never thought (before kids) about that, but now I also like to give them as gifts because you just can't go wrong with them!!