Chateau Deveau: [Plans for Homegirl's Nursery]

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Daily, I'm reminded by my ever-growing belly and to-do list that we are running out of time and I'm overwhelmed with the pressure and time-crunch of preparing for baby girl. On a more optimistic note, here are a few of the inspirations and plans we have for homegirl's nursery.
Inspiration #1: When I saw this room, I immediately loved everything about it - I loved the simplicity, calmness and colors. I'm not particularly into an over-powering theme, so I liked that it tied together but there wasn't an in-your-face concept. I also like the subtle additions of elephants throughout. Liz's style is perfect to me and I always enjoy seeing anything she puts together. The Mr. also really liked this room but wasn't necessarily into the gold accents, so we'll use more gray/silver where we can instead.

Inspiration #2: I also like this room. It's very airy and light, no major 'theme', but just with colors it all ties together nicely. I like the collage wall with different prints and items hung together. Erinn always has great style and I like how she's not too 'girly' with all her choices. She's a great girl mom inspiration in general.

So.. We are going with a world/travel/adventure idea with purples, gray/silver and black. I'm thinking we'll pull a few more colors out of the watercolor print and incorporate through other prints/décor as well. Keeping it simple and comfortable.
Dresser - I originally wanted the grey-brown color for homegirl's room, only to find out on our shopping trip it has been discontinued. After I got over that devastating news, we settled on the white stain; I think it'll be great in her room and help with a light, airy feel. This is the same dresser we have for the Little's room and we love it. It's a perfect changing table/dresser/storage and something that will stay in their rooms for years to come.

Watercolor world map - This. is. absolutely. beautiful. We got it all framed up last night and I just love it. We are kind of basing the room around this print, the colors, the 'theme'..

Benzy Land cushion/pillow - To go along with the ever-so-loosely-used world/travel/adventure theme..

Curtains - These were an impulse buy, but I think it'll be a fun touch to the room and help tie some of the colors together.

Baskets - I think something like these wicker-dipped baskets would be cute for storage, books/toys, blankets, diapers, etc. Or maybe a color/print basket to help tie some of that together?

Anthropologie-inspired initial - (No 'A' is not her initial..) Using this tutorial, I made one for the Little's nursery/room and love it in his room. It will tie in some of the gray/silver for the room, is a fun, large personalized touch and an easy DIY.

Globe - The Mr. wasn't a huge fan of this particular one (because of the gold/brass accent), but I still kind of like it. I think a globe is a great addition to any kid's room, so we'll see if we can find one that works.

Sunburst mirror(s) - From one of the inspiration rooms, I really liked the dimension of a sunburst mirror on the wall. I found a few options that weren't too gold-y, so hopefully we can include something like this set, this or these.
Mobile - I'm hoping I can convince my Mom to make one of these.. I like these cloud mobiles and found a few simple tutorials online. They'd also help tie in the colors and be a cute homemade detail. I thought if we did the paper cloud, we could cut out the shapes from old maps.

We will be using the same crib (espresso finish) and rocker (wood finish with light cushions) that we already have. I still feel like everything is a little scattered, but I hope it all ties together and works out to be a calming, peaceful and cute little space.

Still need/considering:
Crib sheets/changing pad cover
Some kind of floating/ledge shelves
Prints for frames/collage wall
Side table
Book shelves/ledges?
Hardware - maybe change out a few of the drawer pulls on the dresser?

What do you think? Any ideas/suggestions?


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! Love the colors especially and can't wait to see it all come together. I loved that sneak peek of the map picture that you put on IG yesterday too! Do you guys have a name picked out yet? Is that A a hint??? :)

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it has me excited now to get it all together, but a little overwhelmed also. We don't have a name pinned down yet, so no 'A' is not a hint.. :) That's also on the list to get done/figured out.. Haha

  2. ooh I love it. I love the world map. I'm sure it will all come together so beautifully. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Thanks - yes, the map is beautiful and my favorite part so far (not that we have much done but..)!! :) I'm definitely starting to get excited and am looking forward to getting it done.

  3. I just love this! You have wonderful style! It will be just perfect, feminine but sophisticated! If I ever have a girl, this is the direction I think I'll be going too!

    1. Thanks!! :) I'm definitely NOT a pink girl so I wasn't sure if and how I could do this, but there are plenty of other options. Looking forward to making it a special space, that's not too girly. Haha :)

  4. OMG these are all adorable love gold and shades of purple! A cloud mobile is a must! We love ours and Brynn follows it constantly with her eyes!

  5. I love the ideas that you have in mind. My kids are far beyond the nursery years, but it's always so fun to see what's in now!