Toddler Talk

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I've seen others do it (Young House Love and Love Taza) and I love the idea of keeping track of some of the adorable, silly and darndest things kids say. I'm starting this little series here at Chateau Deveau called 'Toddler Talk' to keep track of these sayings, words, conversations and instances that I want to remember. Our Little is two years old now and everyday is putting more and more together in his speech; it is so fun to hear what he has to say and what he comes up with!!

T: Wash shica? Wash shica?
Momma: Oh, would you like to watch the Chica Show? What do you say?
T: Standing a little taller, signing along with it and asking in the sweetest voice you've ever heard, 'Peeeeeassse?'
Momma: Stares at him..
T: Ssshhhhhhhuurrrre!!

While driving home one afternoon
T: Happy birtday Momma. Happy birtday car. Happy birtday friends.

While stacking and knocking over blocks, we were saying 'Tiiimber', as he continues to stack and knock them over,
T:  'Timburgerr!'

I'm at the sink and turn on the water and it happens to perfectly hit in a tablespoon with worcestershire sauce and sprays all over me/shirt/floor, I say a few cuss words.. Hopping off his stool, he comes over concerned and asking,
T: 'Otay mom? Otay mom?'

Driving to the grocery store, we pass an older, bearded, white-haired gentlemen on the side of the road doing something in the back of his truck.
T: Santaa!!

A daily quote, as our Little is growing more and MORE independent
T: I do it! Me! MEEE!!
Then, upon completion, squealing with excitement, arms raised up high in victory and usually bouncing around,
T: I did it I did it!!



  1. So sweet! I love this! I love documenting the things that Mason does or says because one day it will be so fun to look back on! Tyson is such a sweetheart!

    1. Right!! It's such a fun stage watching them figure all this talking stuff out..!! I wish I could capture all the little faces he makes when he says certain things and the tone and every little thing that comes along with it, he makes me so sentimental. Haha :)

  2. Adorable! I love all their fun pronunciations too and want to remember EVERYTHING!

    1. I know!! It's adorable how they say certain things, or the way he moves his lips and the faces he makes. You're so right - each age, each stage, I want to bottle it up and keep every bit of them, every memory forever!! :)

  3. Santaa!!! haha that one is too funny. ho ho ho =)

    1. Right..?! Out of nowhere!! I was thinking it might mean we're on good terms with the 'scary' guy, but our trip to the North Pole last weekend proved we are not..