Weekend Fun [North Pole]

Monday, August 11, 2014

This weekend we played 'tourist in our own town' and checked out the North Pole Home of Santa's Workshop on the slopes of Pikes Peak. 

We went with the Mr.'s family and needless to say, the cousins thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made for great entertainment for us adults. Even thought they're only two years old and 14 months, they were able to do most of the rides by themselves or with a parent. 
The views were beautiful, and except for a few occasional sprinkles, the weather was great. Everything was pretty spread out, so even for a Saturday it wasn't too crowded or that long of a wait. It was so fun to watch the excitement of the boys as they rode in circles and ran to the next ride.
Train ride.
A relaxing loop on the 'Sky Ride' as we dangled our feet and enjoyed the view and beautiful mountain scenery from high above!!
The boys loved being together and cracked themselves up all day, they were definitely the kids on each ride that were enjoying it most. :)
My guys enjoying the carousel.
We ended the afternoon with a late-lunch/early-dinner at a quaint little restaurant down by the creek.
As always, we are thankful for a great time making memories with family and a fun weekend together!!


  1. How fun!!!! I love that you guys are wearing tank tops at a Christmas place! So cool that it's open all year round and you can go there whenever you want. I bet it would be super fun to go during Christmas time but also super crowded so it's fun you got to go now!
    Love the first pic, you can see your sweet little baby bump! You look so cute!

    1. Haha it was a little weird hearing Christmas music every where!! But definitely makes me excited for that time of year. :) Thanks Elizabeth, you're so sweet!!