A Tour Through Blogland

Monday, September 8, 2014

I've been invited by Alissa at 33 Shades of Green to participate in a blog hop called A Tour Through Blogland. Alissa is one of the first blogs I started following, I think I was hooked at 'green'.. Her photography is on point, her style and projects are always super impressive and turn out about as perfect as can be (she is a professional). Oh, and don't get me started on her cooking - she has my mouth watering with every new dish she features!!

So needless to say, I was on board and excited to share what/how we do things here at Chateau Deveau. The tour has bloggers answer a few questions and then introduce another blogger who will do the same the following week.

What am I working on right now?
My biggest project right now is working on getting a nursery together for homegirl's arrival in October. I know, NEXT MONTH. I posted about the plans, but now we need to start and continue checking things off that list!! Thankfully we already have most of the 'big' items - we are using the same crib/mattress and glider that were in the Little's room. We already bought a dresser which will also be a changing table, it just needs assembled (I know the Mr. is looking forward to that Ikea-project). :) The room has a ways to go, but just needs to all come together and have personal touches added so it's a precious and calming room to welcome her home to.
I am also working on a little project in our powder bath. We are covering the walls in the small bathroom with framed pictures of places we've traveled. It's nothing major or fancy, just a personal touch and a way to showcase some great memories from places we've been together. I'd like to add some fun/pattern towels and maybe a new rug, as well.
How does my work differ from others in this genre?
When it comes to our home, we try and stay on a reasonable budget and don't spend a whole lot on accessory/surface-type stuff. We have spent more on big items like furniture, etc., but overall we try to stay reasonable, maybe even thrifty, and don't lean towards 'designer' or really trendy items. We tend to do little bits at a time, just adding personal touches and finishes to our builder-basic home. We haven't taken on any big DIY projects or major renovations, it's more of an on-going attempt at making a house a home. Especially with our evolving family, I've learned to be flexible, re-purpose and change spaces/decor as necessary. The Mr. and I also find it important to agree on selections and decisions, rather than having it be whatever I want, just my style, or it being strictly the Mr.'s room. This has proved to lengthen the timeline on completing projects or picking certain pieces, but in the end we are both happy and proud of what we've done together.
Why do I write/create what I do?
As far as decorating my home, taking pictures, doing projects, or blogging, I'd say my inspiration and the reason I do it is for my family. I want to make a comfortable, welcoming, and nice place for us to live and play. I want to document and remember all the little moments that makes us smile and wish we could stop time. I want to create experiences and memories that will be looked back on fondly. Extra perks include having my own little hobbies and personal time, and connecting and making new friends.
How does my writing/creative process work?
I'm still working on figuring out a successful process.. I'm a big list maker, so I will makes lists of things I'd like to do or create or document and start from there and do a little bit at a time when I have a chance. I also just use our current place in life or special occasions/moments for inspiration. I would say my process is really based around photography. Taking pictures of anything as simple as our Saturday morning routine to a special holiday or birthday party is where I start and create something, that for me, is worth saving and sharing.

Continue the tour next week!! 
Let me introduce you to Brooke from Pieces of the Reese Life. I found her blog and enjoyed following along as they prepared for and welcomed a precious baby girl, Brynn. They are the most adorable family. I'm excited to keep up with Brooke as they start a new journey as a family of three, overseas!!

I'm Brooke a new momma to the sweetest little girl with a rockin' husband. I blog over at Pieces of the Reese Life. You'll read all about our travels over that way. I love traveling, cooking, fashion, and spending time with my sweet family. 

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again Brooke and Alissa!!


  1. Oh and btw I can already tell your nursery is going to be adorable! Little man is too cute!

    1. Yea - thanks for being a part of it!! :)
      You're so sweet, now I just need the motivation and energy to get it DONE!!

  2. Girl, little girl's arrival is NEXT MONTH??? Where has the time gone!? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to "meet" her and see her nursery! How exciting!
    Your style sounds so similar to mine. We did spend more money on furniture and such but other things... I like to shop at Target or HomeGoods for. I mean I like nice things, but we have 'champagne taste on a beer budget' so I buy things slowly or buy things on sale. I love decorating with pictures to remember the things we've done or places we've been... or even just Mason as a tiny baby. Excited to see your bathroom reveal!

    1. Right, I have mini panic attacks when I realize we only have 6 more weeks (or less)!! HELP!! Haha :)
      I guess I've noticed I like to change things frequently, and the Mr. knows that too, so why spend a whole bunch if it's only going to be here or there for a few months/years then I want to do something different..?! LOL Yep, definitely have champagne taste though.. ;)

  3. Love the bathroom full of pictures. Pictures are my fave way to decorate. Makes me happy! Loved this!

    1. Yeah, I can't wait to get them all hung, I think it's a good conversation piece too (not that there will be lots of conversations IN there, but you know..). Can't go wrong with pictures!! :)

  4. a great post.. the pictures in a powder room sound like a great idea.

    1. Thanks!! I like the idea of something kind of bold and over-powering in a small bathroom (I often see a major color or wallpaper used), so I thought OUR pictures could do the same thing. :)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the updates in your powder room - travel pictures sound like a great idea! I can't believe you are due next month - wow!!! Thanks so much for doing this with me and for your sweet words about my blog.