Toddler Talk

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

At supper, with a sour face and almost gagging it down..
T: I like pickles.

Pointing in every and all directions - while in the grocery cart, riding in the car, or on Dad's shoulders..
T: That way that way. This way.

When we told him he'd be spending the evening with his cousins..
T: Too yee-oud (loud).

With a fake phone in his hand, he holds it up to his ear with his head tilted down to his shoulder to help hold in place,
T: Hello, bye. Then pushing an imaginary button, Beep.

Patting his dad on the back..
T: Big boy.

T: We go to carget (Target) today?
I can't help it, we drive by it on our way home everyday.. :)

He has perfected fake-sleeping and no time isn't a good time - during supper, while unloading from the car, while walking, and/or during a FaceTime call with family. It's hilarious and I love seeing his sense of humor shine through!!


  1. you had me at the first one - At supper, with a sour face and almost gagging it down..
    T: I like pickles.

    I feel like Aria does that too. She looks like she is hating something and eats the whole thing and wants more. I'm like ooook.

    1. That's so funny, whatever works I guess. :) I just can't get over the faces they make and things they'll say along with it. Definitely worth documenting. Haha

  2. How cute is he?!?! I love it! Don't you love how they mimic everything! Especially with the phone... I gotta watch myself on that one because Mason totally tries to copy!

    1. They are little shadows, watch out!! :) It's so funny to watch!! But really I'm thinking I don't 'talk' on the phone that much..?! I'm surprised he wasn't pretend texting or FaceTiming instead. It's funny how even though we are getting away from just normal talking on it more and more, he still instinctually holds it up to his ear.