Weekend Fun [Fine Arts Center]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This past weekend the Mr. was out of town and we were lucky enough to have Grandma (my mom) come spend time with us. The Little and I always enjoy her company and I am especially thankful for the extra help, hands, and company when the Mr. is away.

On Saturday we decided to check out local Fine Arts Center featuring a Chihuly exhibit. We had a great time and the Little did exceptionally well for being in a mostly quiet/delicate atmosphere; it was fun to watch him check out certain pieces, especially appreciate anything to do with animals, and occasionally ask his new favorite question, 'what's thaaat?' 
I didn't realize Chihuly drew and painted as well, but I particularly liked those pieces that were on display also. Such great colors!!
How cool is this bowl?! The inside, edge and outside were all different but went together perfectly. It's crazy to look at these and think and wonder how these were made by hand. So impressive. The light really illuminated all pieces and made every little detail and color stand out. 
We were a little disappointed the main exhibit was only 2 rooms, really, with only one BIG piece (which we found out is always there). Either way, we made the best of it, checked out the other exhibits throughout the museum, and stopped by a 'family fun day' where the Little and Grandma did a quick art project.
As always, we love having special time with Grandma and appreciate all she does for us. It was a great weekend. 
Thanks Mom/Grandma!! xoxo


  1. I think it is great to take kids to something like this! Good exposure. Such pretty pieces.

    1. Yeah!! Also something so unexpected about a toddler among these super delicate pieces and in an art gallery makes me love these pictures even more!! :)

  2. First of all, your photo skills are AMAZING! I love the artsy way that you take pictures and the ones where you were far away and get these tiny people in your photo. Seriously. Teach me your ways! Do you use a camera? Or your phone?
    Second of all, what a fun and gorgeous place! And good job Tyson for behaving so well! I wouldn't dare take Mason... he would destroy those gorgeous pieces by running rampant. I'm so impressed with Tyson!

    1. Thanks!! We love photography and got a DSLR camera before we had kids so we could take lots of pictures (and we do occasionally for friends too)!! :) These are mostly with that (we have a Canon Rebel T2i). I shoot a lot in AV mode, aperture priority, which I think is the key to great pictures - it let's you select your depth of field and helps make the background (or whatever you DON'T focus on) to be blurry.
      We definitely kept a good hold on Tyson while so close to these glass pieces, but overall he did great. I think he (kind of) enjoyed it?! :) Haha