Catching up..

Monday, October 13, 2014

Whew. It's been quite the last few weeks. Between preparing for homegirl, work, and a long weekend away, blogging hasn't made it on the to do list. I'm happy to check back in on some favorite blogs and share a little of what we've been up to..

We've been trying to get in quality time while still just a family of three so that's made for some fun family date nights, trips to the zoo, and simple, special time together.
The Mr. and I got to attend the Great American Beer Festival and had a great time. As you may know, he is a beer FANATIC and this is one of the top festivals in the world. It features thousands of breweries from all over the nation and and even more craft brews to sample. I was shocked at some of the comments and looks I received, both rude and supportive, but enjoyed my time with the Mr. either way. I wanted to holler - 'I'm pregnant people, not stricken-with-some-terrible-virus-where-I-must-be-quarantined. Just because I'm at an event where beer is served, doesn't mean I'm chugging all the beer like YOU are. Gah.' Anyway, we were able to try one in particular, called Utopias by Sam Adams that sells for $250 a bottle. Fancy, huh?! It was delicious. We also met and took our picture with Sam Calagione, founder and owner of Dogfish Head Brewing. He was as friendly and down to earth as can be; we have been and continue to be huge fans..!!
We then spent a long weekend at my parents' for some hunting and family time. The Mr. went out with his dad for opening of antelope season and the Little and I hung out with my parents. We spent lots of time in my mom's garden, where the Little would pluck and pop the most delicious cherry tomatoes in his mouth like candy (the ONLY time he'll eat tomatoes..)..
Played 'doctor' with Grandma..
 Enjoyed the crisp fresh air and 'helped' in the garden.. 
 Visited a local farm's fall festival..
In other BIG news, we've welcomed a very precious and adorable member to our family - MY NIECE!! She finally made her debut on October 3rd and even though we are miles away, we are so in love and counting down the days until we get to snuggle this squishy, sweet little girl. My sister (coached by my awesome bro-in-law) was a ROCKSTAR and delivered naturally and pain-medicine free. I couldn't be more proud. 
Meet Elizabeth 'Ellie' Catherine..

So there you go. Consider yourself a little caught up. :)


  1. YAY! Welcome back! Sounds like you guys have been having some fun! That zoo looks so cool with all those big insects and that big chair. And that beer festival sounds amazing! I told Seth that you guys met the owner of Dog Fish Head and he was like "REALLY??!!!". My brother in law LOVES that beer and Seth has grown to like it a lot too. Definitely jealous. Might be needing to take a little visit out there to go to that festival with you next year!

    1. Hey!! :) Yes, we have been having fun. I absolutely LOVE our zoo, it's pretty much on the side of a mountain so it's just beautiful. Oh my gosh, beer festival of all beer festivals, tickets sell out in less than 10 minutes - it's crazy!! You guys (Seth) would looooooove it. Come on out!! :)

  2. Really? Rude looks and comments, people can be the worst. blah. What a fun fest though!
    Congrats on your niece! And garden tomatoes...can't be beat!

    1. Hi Courtney!! :)
      Right?! I was really surprised by the reactions. Enjoyed myself nonetheless and didn't have a hangover the next day like all those 'commenters' did I'm sure. :) haha
      Thank you!!

  3. You've been busy! The beer festival sounds fantastic! Too bad you got some rude comments - what is it with people?! And, congrats on your niece - she's adorable! It's so cool that you & your sister are having girls at the same time. Waiting for a picture of baby girl on instagram :)

  4. I love that you went to a beer festival pregnant! That's SO something I would do! :) And it's hilarious (and ridiculous) that people felt the need to comment. Geez. Anyway, can't wait to hear news of baby girl!