What's in a name?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We were undecided on homegirl's name for quite a while. We didn't officially decide until probably the last month of my pregnancy, and even then we weren't ready to share it publicly. 

The Mr. and I talked about this name, her name, years ago. Of course then, it was just, 'this would be an awesome little girl's name (since it holds special meaning for us..)' 


When the Mr. and I first got together, we, for the most part, shared similar taste in music. There were a few bands he loved that I didn't really care for and others that I had heard of but didn't necessarily listen to often. (Then there was my country music, that he has since come on board with, irrelevant to this story though..) I quickly was suckered into a particular artist and we decided to go see him live, it was my first concert experience and quickly became special music for our budding relationship. Each following summer following, we made sure to attend his concerts whenever he was in our state. 

His voice is unique and raw. His lyrics are real, interesting, and touching. The music he plays is simple, yet intricate and moving. Some of my favorite songs of his are just instrumental, him on his guitar. The time the Mr. and I spent together at his concerts and listening to his music are special and memorable. The Mr. has been instructed to have some of his music at my funeral. We danced our first dance as a married couple to his music. When we listen to his songs, it seems to bring a carefree and warm-fuzzy feeling over the room, and simply puts my heart at peace. 

As for her middle name, we had originally been throwing around something totally different. Once we were settling on her first name, I thought maybe a family name for a middle name to pass on (as we had done this for her big brother also..)? Why not my middle name? It was given to me. It was the middle name of one of the most special, interesting, and inspiring women I have ever met. 

My Grandma, Harriett Ann. 
Unfortunately, she never saw me marry the love of my life or welcome these perfect babes of ours into the world. She was always one of my BIGGEST fans. There are very few people that would be happier for me. She always provided selfless and endless love, support, and excitement. I hope along with the name, some of her memories can be passed along as well. 

So it was finally decided, Harper Ann.
I finally got over however popular it has become, what lists it's on or who has previously named their kid this.. It's has meaning to us. In our opinion, it's a strong and beautiful name with some special memories and meaning behind it (and rolls off big brother's tongue preciously perfect).

We created this poster for her nursery, with lyrics from a Ben Harper song. We thought this was fitting for a little girl..
'but nothing is as beautiful as when she believes'
(More from her nursery and newborn photo session coming soon..!!)

How did you decide/pick your kids' names? Any guidelines/requirements for picking a name? Are you named after someone special?


  1. I love it!! Got your announcement yesterday and it is so adorable! Something to decorate our new fridge :) Buck and I debated for 8 months on Pake's name. I was just sure he would cave and go with Remick as the name we used.... even after watching me go through labor and delivery he still wouldn't budge on calling him Pake. I actually like it now but wish we would have done Pake Remick instead of Remick Pake. I guess this way he can choose when he is old enough ;) Remick is my dad and my great grandfather's middle name. Pake was one of Buck's best friends through childhood :)

    1. Names are so hard!! :) I knew whatever we decided, it would eventually 'fit' her and it'd be perfect since it'd be all we know. It just so hard deciding. I love knowing how/why people pick names..!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this! So awesome to find out the meaning behind her name. So beautiful.

    1. Thank you. :) Such a stressful process (for me, picking). Haha!

  3. What a beautiful name! I love it!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com