Chateau Deveau: Homegirl's Nursery

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I originally talked a little about our plans and inspiration for Homegirl's nursery here. We wanted a room that was light, airy, and calming. Her nursery was 'based' around the watercolor world map, a poster I saw used in a nursery once and absolutely loved it!! So we decided on a very loosely 'themed' travel/adventure/explore/etc. type room (more just use of similar colors).. Simple, very simple.
See below for links/sources.
I really like how the room turned out. There isn't much to it and it's just perfect. I'm also looking forward to how it'll morph/update as she gets older, just as her brother's room has. One thing I didn't realize until we actually started putting everything in place was how much smaller this room is (than the other bedroom/big brother's room). I wish there was more wall space because right now, there isn't enough shelving/storage; I'd like to add some baskets for books/toys/etc.
 Little details..
There you have it, Homegirl's simple nursery.

Watercolor map: Society6
Zinc look-a-like letter 'H': Hobby Lobby/Tutorial
Purple pillow: Made by my Mom
Curtains: Ikea
Black globe: Target
Compass/map pillow: Ikea
Changing table: Ikea
Sunburst mirror: Kirklands
Frames: Black Ribba from Ikea, White-wash from Kirklands


  1. Love the colors and all the little details! Great job, mama! xo

    1. Thank you - very very simple. Although it would be fun to have a bigger room/more space, this works for now. :) I'm not a big pink person, so I though purples would be a good compromise while we ease into this whole girl thing!! Ha!

  2. Love how it turned out! So feminine, simple, & calm!

    1. Thank you!! I feel like it really should be a calming space for little ones to rest and relax (and for me since A LOT of time is spent in that rocking chair). :)

  3. LOVE it! Simple, beautiful, and elegant. I love your color inspiration and how you brought it all together!

  4. Love love love the theme! We have been wanting to get brynn a map to show all where she has been!