It's the little things... [Downtown]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This week, in particular, I'm reflecting on these two blessings (the Mr. and Little) I've been given and our special time together. Sometimes life gets to me and petty things bring me down. It's all trivial, really, compared to what's really important; but sometimes, more than others, it's hard for me to fight out from these things and find the good. Focusing on what I can control, my priorities and my happiness--as well as support from a handsome husband and giggles from a funny little boy--I get a chance each day to make it better and BE BETTER and rise above.
Last weekend we had some errands to run downtown, it quickly turned into a perfect family date night, kicking off a wonderful weekend honoring our freedom and those who've made it possible. Talk about put things into perspective..

After strolling a few blocks and making a few stops, we decided on a spot for dinner and settled in with our little party of three. These little moments with my guys bring me such joy. The restaurant music happened to be bumpin' and Tyson would bust out in arms-up jammin' every once in a while.
After dinner, we decided to walk off some of those 'chipies' and make a stop at a park. This little kid is a beast, he climbed up this thing all by himself!!
Just before we got back to our car, we spotted this graffiti-ed alley. It was too cool not to stop and take a look.
It was a peaceful, perfect evening, leading into a wonderful weekend. Looking back at this helps me remember what's important and a good reminder to shrug off those other things that seem to bog me down.
Sadie Sky Boutique
How do you reset after a 'bad day'? Are some days just better/easier than others?
Does looking back at good memories (if even only a few days ago) help put you in a better mood?
Is it just me..? Hello, is this thing on..? :)

Bountiful Baskets

Monday, May 26, 2014

This weekend I took part in my first produce co-op, Bountiful Baskets.
'Bountiful Baskets Food Co-Op is a participatory experience. participants all save a substantial amount of money on healthy food. In exchange there are no employees to guide participants through the experience.'

I heard about it from my mom who takes part in her small town and has been very pleased with the quality of produce/food, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Check out the website here to see if it's available in your town, and here to get more questions answered.

I was a little surprised when I drove up and saw the line wrapped around the parking lot.
 Thankfully, they seemed very organized and friendly and it moved along quickly and smoothly.
It was a calm, chilly morning, but the fresh air felt great and the view wasn't too bad either. Coincidentally this particular Saturday morning, the Little slept in until 8:30 (seriously..?!?!), however I was up bright and early to go and pick up my basket..
On to the good stuff - here is everything I received in my 'basket'. (I paid $15 for the basket, $3 first-time fee, and the $3.50 handling fee-differs per location, for a total of $21.50 for everything below. In the future this will cost me $18.50.) There are also options to purchase other items like large quantities of particular fruits/vegetables, bread/tortillas, granola, etc.
I would estimate this is around 15-20 pounds of produce..? So for a little more than a dollar a pound, I think it's a decent deal.
I plan on making this Paleo Spaghetti Pizza Pie with the spaghetti squash.
The green apples are delicious, not too tart but crisp and sweet. Not sure what to do with the red peppers or green chilies yet, any ideas..? I plan to take part again, it's helpful for meal planning as I will plan around what I received and have on hand.
Plus it's fun to have this much fresh produce in the kitchen..!! I wasn't even sure where to put it all. Makes for a very colorful centerpiece. :) So if for nothing else, it's all great for decorating. Haha

Have you ever taken part in a co-op like this? Any ideas for recipes for the produce I have on hand?

It's the little things... [Party Planning]

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In July, Tyson will be two years old. I absolutely can't believe it's already been TWO YEARS, so rather than get super emotional (as I know I will be come July), I thought I'd start working on some party planning stuff. I enjoy the details and fun of parties, and especially love making a memories for these special occassions.

The Mr. and I talked about a few ideas for 'themes', according to what the Little 'into', so we presented two choices - dinosaurs or pirates. On two separate occasions, Tyson answered, 'pi-ates'. So, Momma is free to plan away..!! :)

While checking the party supply aisle at Target, I saw a few things I figured I'd better grab now as they could be gone in a few months (and I knew I'd be bummed if they were).

So here are a few little things I've collected so far and a few thoughts on party planning this year..

We're going with a generic pirate theme - although Tyson particularly likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates, I thought keeping it plain/simple would be best. I love the idea of paper straws, but they don't seem to be the most effective option for the job (they seem to turn soggy and kind of fall apart). So, we'll see how these actually get used. :)
In the party favor section was this pack of eye patches - a MUST for a pirate party, obviously!! I'm praying Tyson will keep one on long enough for a few pictures..
These plates are what started it.. How cute and fun are they?! I thought it was a great color scheme to go along with also. The best part about the pirate theme so far, is Tyson's answer to, 'what does a pirate say' or whenever he sees a boat/ship in a book he enthusiastically responds, 'AH-HOY MATE-EY!!'
I grabbed some cheapy streamers (we actually call it crepe paper) from Wal-Mart and am thinking of doing something of a backdrop with balloons on top like this. Or just hanging them down for the kids to run through; not really sure yet, but for $0.97, I figured they'd be fun for something.
Most of all, I plan to keep it simple, fun and non-stressful. (Yes, Mr., you can remind me I said this..) I went overboard on his first birthday party - it was awesome and perfect and memorable, but it was just too much. So this year we're going to focus on Tyson, family and spending quality time together. I can still do special planning and other little things, but I am keeping it all in perspective and making sure to savor these special moments as they are passing by so quickly.

Sadie Sky Boutique

Any good ideas for a pirate party? What to do with streamers?
How to deal with your baby growing up so fast?

G is for guitar

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I absolutely love these pictures of this cutie playing his 'eetarr'. 

We have a little ukulele the Mr. brought back from Hawaii while there on a work trip. It sits up on a shelf in the office and if Tyson gets a glimpse of it (or hears about a guitar anywhere else), he's asking for it..!! The Mr. is self-taught on the guitar and often plays for Tyson and it's now one of the Little's favorite things to do (and watch others do). 

In this case, Tyson was doing his alphabet puzzle, he put in the letter 'G' and it said, 'G is for guitar', he quickly headed into the office and asked for HIS guitar.
We usually have to help him hold it correctly, but he sat down and put his hands just right and strummed away. Sometimes he'd get up and walk around, still holding it in playing position, wander around and occasionally 'sing' along. It was all too picture perfect.
I especially love everything about this blurry picture - this is Tyson having fun with a 100% genuine laughing-grin.
Of course, he plays serious sometimes too. This little guy's profile is just precious to me.
That's all for this edition of Acoustic Cafe featuring Little Tyson, back to solving issues in the playroom - finishing puzzles and naming those animals..

Garage Sale

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday!!

As you probably saw on instragram (at Ltdeveau), we had a garage sale this weekend. Our neighborhood has particular weekends for sales, where they advertise and put up signs, so with quite a few neighbors also participating, we had pretty good traffic and thankfully beautiful weather for the event. I had the best little assistant and got rid of some clothes, so I'll call it a win.
My Mom was here on Friday so that was a big help and great company, of course. Tyson had so much fun spending time with Grandma, playing outside, trying to climb trees and picking 'fee-owers' and smelling them, as you can see from the yellow nose.
He was soooo helpful, as you can imagine a 1.5 year old would be. :) He loved hollering 'hi' and 'bye' to customers and got in some good flirting practice (heaven help me).
It was an enjoyable extra day I had home with Tyson and a great weekend. Looking forward to more sunshine, fresh air and summer fun together!!

Hope you had a great weekend!! 
Do you plan on having a garage sale this summer? Do you go to garage sales?

A perfect Saturday

Monday, May 12, 2014

We did (our little family's) Mother's Day celebrating on Saturday to beat the crowds and craziness (and the SNOW. That's right, it was a snowy, windy-blizzard on Sunday. Seriously, May..?!).

The day was perfect and fun and easy and just want I wanted. The Mr. was so thoughtful and the Little was so much fun and such a good kid. He's always great, but I swear, it was like he knew there was something special about the day. These two guys just light up my life and make me so thankful.
We brunched at Over Easy, the wait was a little over an hour, but it was worth it - we had fun being outside, finding bugs, playing with rocks and just being together. I can't say enough how fun this little guy is, he's so chill and flexible and funny.
No crayons here - they had a super fun kid's toy, a 3D puzzle/pirate ship. (This is Tyson's pirate-ship-noise face.)
I had gluten free pancakes - deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious. We will go back (and I'll probably order these again).
They had a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar - including different tomato juices, seasonings, bacon skewers, peppers and pickles. Again deeeeelicious.
Great (kid-friendly) atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable service, fresh (did I mention delicious?) food - win/win/win.
I was spoiled by my guys and felt especially appreciated and loved. My goodies included an amazing photo book with pictures from this last year of me and Tyson (that of course made me cry) and the cd Childhood Home by Ben & Ellen Harper (Ben Harper and his mom). It was a thoughtful gift and means a lot to me in many ways - the songs are sweet, it's music from/by/for a mother and son and Ben Harper's music just holds a special place in my heart for many reasons.
We continued the afternoon wondering about outside shops with a Starbucks and doing some shopping. It was perfect and I want to remember every bit of it. I'm just overwhelmed with prayers of thanksgiving - I thank the Lord for making me a mother and blessing me with this son and for a husband that is loving, supportive and trusted me to be a mother.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day (if applicable)!! :)