It's the little things... [Summer Saturday]

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hi there!! Whew, halfway through another week. Hope it's going quick/smooth for you. :)

Last weekend we had no plans and some time at home. It was so nice to hang out together and do all things summer on Saturday. It was such a fun little day for our family for no specific reason, but I want to remember this day for all the little things in particular..
Cartoons and snuggle time
Pool and swimming with 'my Daddy' 
Friendly neighbors and many congratulations on the 'bump'
Lunch and monster bites
Cleaning out and working on the nursery
Chilly, breezy afternoon playing outside
Tyson dancing to country music (different from his hip hop dancing, of course)
Drawing with chalk - Tyson's specialty, drawing 'a cat'
Playing in the dirt - 'making hot dogs'
Riding on the tricycle with the neighbor boy
Tyson eating ALL his dinner, eating every last shell noodle. Directly from his plate.
Lots of counting to 10
The Mr. and I enjoying a late dinner of grilled pizza and a documentary (SOMM - official trailer - highly recommended, very interesting. We both really enjoyed this movie!!)
Days like this make my heart smile and my soul warm like the feeling of the summer sun as it beats down on bare skin. These two guys bring so much joy to my life and give me the feeling that I'm doing something right. The smiles, conversations, hugs and laughs.

I can't help but reflect on these days, with just the three of us, especially as they dwindle down and we prepare for a new family member. I am overwhelmed with emotion as I can't imagine another besides Tyson. I want to remember every. little. thing. he does and says, as it's just the three of us. He is such a sweet kid and brings so much joy to every day. I know that won't change as we grow our family, but I always want him to know how special he is and how much he means to us and how much we treasure this time, this age. This perfect little simple, summer Saturday.

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Retail Therapy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shopping can definitely be therapeutic for me. I needed the pick-me-up so I dug into my 'fun account' and indulged in some superficial therapy. Haha :) Here's what I've been buying..

I decided it was time to spoil baby girl and buy her something. Please note it was NOTHING pink yet, we are working towards that. GAP had already on sale items + additional 40% off so I picked a few things I thought might be good to have on hand, including these. Don't worry, we'll figure out a way to 'girl' them up..

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I know, everyone and their moms are talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but what's different is my shopping is on a budget, no fancy-schmancy purchases here unfortunately.. :) I got sucked into the trap and hopped online and bought some things. I'm a big believer in NOT reinventing the wheel so I went with some great recommendations I had seen online and grabbed a few things that have me so excited for Fall!! I doubt the tunics will fit over the bump come October, but will be perfect for after baby.
Thanks Laura for a few of these recommendations!! :)

Then I also impulse bought these candles. They're beautiful and I like this brand's scents normally, so fingers crossed I like these. Otherwise, they'll make good little gifts to have on hand.

Piko Tunics
I finally bought a few Piko tops, in preparation for Fall. I found 10% off coupon code + free shipping so I decided it was time to just do it. They are a 'boutique' item that seem to be popular in the South (kind of?). It's a dolman-sleeve-ish top that looks super comfortable and can be very versatile. I went with tunics, in hopes they'll be long enough to cover my butt and wear with leggings. I think they'll be forgiving as well come post-baby-body this fall/winter. Update: Shop these today with code 'savorsale' for 20% off.

If you are an online shopper, don't forget to go through EBATES when ordering. I am such a skeptic and didn't want to sign up for another thing, but this is too simple and silly NOT to do. Create an account (go through my referral link and we both win), link through them before checking out and you get cash back at participating stores. Easy peasy, free money. I know it is only a few dollars here or there but they can add up and when you get a check for $15-20 or so, that's a 'free' shirt or dinner at Chipotle - and I'm sure not going to turn that down. :)

What have you bought lately?
Are you sick of hearing about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or can you not stop shopping it?

Survival Guide: [Sans Mr.]

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last week the Mr. had a work trip and was gone all week. The timing was a little 'depressing' as we just had a busy-house, family-filled, high-energy-party-having weekend, then all of a sudden everyone was gone and we were home 'alone'. Either way, the trip was a great opportunity for the Mr. and the Little and I survived the week together, so it's all good.

Here are a few things that helped us through the week, sans Mr...

New birthday toys
Tyson has always been good and entertaining himself, but this past week he was exceptionally self-entertained (for the most part). I'd be in the kitchen putting supper together, and he'd go up to the loft/playroom himself and be nicely playing, alone. I think it helped having his new birthday toys and books, as he was really into checking all those out, but either way it was helpful since there wasn't always an extra person there to play with him, and I was able to get things done without a toddler pushing/pulling on my legs and whining/crying for attention.

Trashy TV
Once I put Tyson to bed, I'd turn the TV on for some background noise/entertainment. Since the Mr. wasn't there to disapprove, I'd tune into Real Housewives of New Jersey or whatever other obnoxious Bravo TV show happened to be on. So just like the good 'ol days, I indulged in some trashy TV while doing dishes, laundry and cleaning up. I threw some HGTV and Modern Family in there to mix it up and give myself some brainless-activity for the evening.

Plan ahead 
Monday night after Tyson was in bed, I prepared a casserole to have for dinner the next evening. It was so nice then when we got home to just throw it in the oven and be able to relax and play with Tyson until it was ready. It made for for plenty of leftovers also, which was nice to have on hand. We also made plans for dinner/donut dates with my SIL and the cousins which helped break up the week, offer other entertainment and change of scenery while we're 'on our own'.

We had plenty of FaceTime calls with Grandma and Papa, Aunties and with Daddy throughout the week, which was nice for some 'outside interaction' and checking in. We also took plenty of Momma and Tyson selfies to send each morning to the Mr. It's so nice to be able to 'see' each other everyday even though far apart, Tyson would get so excited and say, 'Daaaddyy!! My daddy my daddy!!'

Although this can be a downside to being 'on our own', I used it to my benefit - being 26 weeks pregnant helped me to about pass out every night once hitting the pillow. I tend to scare the begeebies out of myself and have my mind race, so being so tired I couldn't help but fall asleep was nice when my bodyguard wasn't beside me. If you aren't pregnant, go ahead and just add vodka here.. ;)

Tyson was so flexible, helpful and on his best behavior most all of the week, it really wasn't bad at all. It's like he's all of a sudden a 'big boy' and has had such a great attitude. He was a lot of fun and we had some great bonding time, just the two of us. There were evenings where we skipped a bath, had a SUPER easy supper, didn't get many things checked off my to-do list and had pity parties, but we made it through and couldn't be more happy to have the Mr. home!! I'd say this 'single parent' stint is one of the most successful to date; a big THANK YOU to the Little who was an excellent team player!! :)

Saturday morning made for a sweet and fun reunion for these best buds.

It's the little things... Pirate Party: [Turning Two]

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I know, I know, we're going on week #2 of all things Tyson-turning-two-birthday-stuff. But that's how it goes and I love it. :)

Last weekend we had Tyson's 2nd Birthday Party - a pirate party. We decided for an 11am party, with a plan to play, have lunch and cake and then it'd be about naptime and naturally wrap up. Here are some of my favorite little things from the day..
We had the party in our garage and driveway/front yard. The timing worked so we were mostly in the shade and it wasn't too hot. I hung a simple crepe paper/streamer wall with balloons on top for a backdrop for the food table. We had shipwrecked chicken salad sandwiches, fish 'n chips, cannonballs (olives) and veggies and dip and water'argh' melon.
Walk the plank with 'water' and alligators!!
A treasure chest!!
Which ended in a mini-freak out by Tyson as he couldn't 'wipe' it off. I'm hoping this means he'll stay away from the real thing in 16 years.. :)
The boys had a great time just running around, jumping off the plank and having sword fights.
The cake!!
My very-talented SIL made the cake and cupcakes. They were delicious, adorable and just so perfect.
Tyson absolutely loved when we all sang happy birthday. It was so sweet watching him soak it all in and smile so big. I wanted to freeze the moment in time and have pictures captured each second, from every angle in order to keep everything about this little moment. He is such a sweet boy and I loved watching him have fun and get special attention.
It was a perfect party that ended just in time for a thunderstorm, downpour and a nap. There were many moments that I just smiled and melted inside as I watched our 'little baby' be a big 2-year old and enjoy his special day.
Most of the printables, etc. can be found on Tyson's Second Birthday Pinterest Board.
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Birthday Breakfast: [Turning Two]

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tyson's birthday was awesome indeed..!! All celebrations turned out perfect, we were especially happy to be surrounded by family during the fun. Tyson thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was so fun to watch him have such a great time and be so full of joy!!

It worked out that both the Mr. and I had Friday off, which was Tyson's actual birthday so we started the morning, just as we did one year ago, with some birthday donuts!! (I think this will definitely be our yearly tradition.)
I was shocked he didn't go for the one with sprinkles..?! He picked the maple cruller (and proceeded to eat the entire thing..).
Two little candles, one super-excited toddler and enough smiles to melt our hearts..!! He was so cute, he was shaking with excitement (and a sugar rush, I'm sure)!!
We had some special calls, including FaceTime with Grandma and Aunties who were getting ready to head our way.
We opened a few gifts in the morning, including the prequel to his favorite movie and a t-ball set, which he proceeded to pick the bat up and swing and nailed the ball like he's a pro baseball player, he's a natural and thoroughly enjoyed playing. I must say he inherited my love of gifts, it was so sweet watching him get so excited for every little thing.
It was a perfect morning to start a perfect weekend!! I am thankful we had this time together at home with our little guy on his birthday.