It's the little things... [Nursery Project]

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This past weekend we made some great progress in homegirl's nursery (and so far I'm loving it..)!! It was especially cute to watch the Mr. and the Little work on the dresser/changing table together. I'm sure it added a few more minutes to the project and there were moments it seemed like there might be too many cooks in the kitchen, but watching these two 'build' together reminded me to slow it down and enjoy the moment, rather than worry about all the other things that needed done or trying to keep the Little out of the way. 
Little things like the scribbles now on the back of the dresser (that will forever put a smile on my face when I see them), the bent-over crooked nail (that the Little helped pound in), and the way he stood a little taller after his Dad clipped the tape measure to his pocket, made this more than just checking another thing off the 'to do' list..
Such concentration..
It was even more fun once he figured out how to squeeze the release for the tape measure to wind it back up. :)

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Toddler Talk

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

At supper, with a sour face and almost gagging it down..
T: I like pickles.

Pointing in every and all directions - while in the grocery cart, riding in the car, or on Dad's shoulders..
T: That way that way. This way.

When we told him he'd be spending the evening with his cousins..
T: Too yee-oud (loud).

With a fake phone in his hand, he holds it up to his ear with his head tilted down to his shoulder to help hold in place,
T: Hello, bye. Then pushing an imaginary button, Beep.

Patting his dad on the back..
T: Big boy.

T: We go to carget (Target) today?
I can't help it, we drive by it on our way home everyday.. :)

He has perfected fake-sleeping and no time isn't a good time - during supper, while unloading from the car, while walking, and/or during a FaceTime call with family. It's hilarious and I love seeing his sense of humor shine through!!

Sleeping Update [Crib to Bed]

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not only do I want to document, but also share about a big milestone that has been marked off the to-do list here at Chateau Deveau: big boy bed - transitioned.

Not to get too into his infant ways, but to re-cap a little of our sleep journey - simply put, the Little has always been a great, flexible sleeper.
We implemented a version of 'Baby Wise' that worked for us (schedule/routine eating/sleeping) and at six weeks old, the Little was sleeping 'through' the night (6 hour stretches). He was always put to bed awake and would put himself to sleep without any tears or fits. Now don't think we are insensitive parents - we have a great bedtime routine where we sit together and cuddle and read books and rock, but we would not put him to sleep in our arms. We'd give hugs and kisses and lay him in his crib, awake, and as he got older we would even receive an occasional wave and 'night night momma/daddy', then we'd leave the room.
We approached each new 'milestone' anxiously - having a roller/belly-sleeper, getting rid of the swaddle, common-age sleep regressions, time change/daylight savings, traveling/sleeping other places, etc. and would think 'ok, we're in for it this time..'. No matter what we were 'warned' about or 'should expect' to come up, we maintained what we could control--schedule, routine, reactions. Everything worked it's way out, we'd make adjustments if necessary and with very few hiccups along the way, we praised the Lord we were blessed with such a great sleeper as we laid our well-rested heads on our pillows each night.
Let me disclose, I feel like there is a big secret and a reason why he's been such a good sleeper - the pacifier, more specifically, his WubbaNubs. He's used a pacifier since he was a baby and it's helped calm and put him to sleep - he would suck on them, but sometimes just hold them. When he couldn't find it in the middle of the night he'd get upset and cry but then be fine once he had it back. By at least 18 months, we had cut the pacifier back to only a nap/nighttime/sleep thing, which worked out just fine for everyone; it's definitely remained a soothing/comfort thing for him and something he'd reach for as soon he was laid in bed.
So here we are now, the Little turned two years old and we are expecting baby #2 and we plan on using the same crib for the new baby. We decided we wanted to get the Little transitioned into a big boy bed in time that he would not associate it as a negative with the baby coming. It worked out just right that we got a free twin bed/frame from some friends so we started to talk about the 'big boy bed'. I ordered some bumpers to avoid any unnecessary fall-outs and to help make it a little harder to just slide in and out himself. We talked more about the BIG BOY bed and how Mom and Dad need to help when getting out of bed.
The morning I knew would be his last time waking up in the crib I took these pictures. Looking at them I get that same feeling the morning we packed up and the Mr. took him to his first day at daycare, the emotions I had the exact night I nursed my Little for the last time.. Those milestones and moments that pass so quickly but leave such an impression on my mind and heart as it's just another step forward, proving time is moving right along and the vividness of my first baby is becoming more and more a distant memory..
We got the bed set up and all in place just in time for nap. As we got ready to lay him down, we decided let's just do this, big boy bed AND no pacifier. Looking back, the timing may not have been the best, as the Little had seen his WubbaNub right there and then we decided to take it away, but after maybe 10 minutes of whining and crying, the Mr. went back into the room to let him know he was ok and was in his big boy bed and it was time to take a nap - and then, he took a nap.

The Mr. and I sat with the monitor and watched, just like our first night home with our brand new Little sleeping in his crib and many, many times since, just watching him sleep. Watching every move and turn, making sure all was ok.

And just like that my baby was out of his crib..
It's been a few weeks now and guess what? The pacifier is GONE and he LOVES his big boy bed. The first night or two he would look around for his pacifier but finally just flopped down and went to sleep. There have been no issues in the middle of the night with him searching for it and getting upset, it's like he remembered it wasn't there so he didn't bother. He hasn't tried to get out, he hasn't protested going to bed. There have been lots of high-fives, affirmations and mornings of praise with our 'big boy in his big boy bed'. He loves it and is so proud to show it off and even demonstrate how he lays in his new bed.

In the words of the Mr., our little guy is just straight-up gangster. We are so proud of him and couldn't be more pleased with how he's handled this change.

Please remember, I am not bragging, I'm sharing and documenting OUR experience. Just as your experience is unique and special, so is ours. We each have our own struggles, trials and challenges as parents. No, I don't think we're just lucky, I think we've done things to help the situation and teach our Little how to sleep and to trust that we are still there and will come get him. We've learned from things we might change for the next time, and we've knocked on wood plenty of times and are already holding our breath that baby #2 will be just as gangster..

Weekend Fun [Fine Arts Center]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

This past weekend the Mr. was out of town and we were lucky enough to have Grandma (my mom) come spend time with us. The Little and I always enjoy her company and I am especially thankful for the extra help, hands, and company when the Mr. is away.

On Saturday we decided to check out local Fine Arts Center featuring a Chihuly exhibit. We had a great time and the Little did exceptionally well for being in a mostly quiet/delicate atmosphere; it was fun to watch him check out certain pieces, especially appreciate anything to do with animals, and occasionally ask his new favorite question, 'what's thaaat?' 
I didn't realize Chihuly drew and painted as well, but I particularly liked those pieces that were on display also. Such great colors!!
How cool is this bowl?! The inside, edge and outside were all different but went together perfectly. It's crazy to look at these and think and wonder how these were made by hand. So impressive. The light really illuminated all pieces and made every little detail and color stand out. 
We were a little disappointed the main exhibit was only 2 rooms, really, with only one BIG piece (which we found out is always there). Either way, we made the best of it, checked out the other exhibits throughout the museum, and stopped by a 'family fun day' where the Little and Grandma did a quick art project.
As always, we love having special time with Grandma and appreciate all she does for us. It was a great weekend. 
Thanks Mom/Grandma!! xoxo

Myths & Old Wives Tales [Pregnancies In Comparison]

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I thought it would be fun to do a few comparisons in my two pregnancies so far and see if any of the myths/old wives tales are true for me. As you know I was first pregnant with a boy and am now pregnant with a girl, so I thought it'd be interesting to see how they've compared to each other as well, with the exception of NOT mixing any urine and Drano..
Myth #1: If you crave sugary foods it's a girl, and if you crave salty/savory foods, it's a boy.
TRUE. When pregnant with a boy, I craved hamburgers pretty consistently. This time around, I have definitely craved more sweets, which is very unlike me.

Myth #2: If the heartbeat of the baby is over 140, it's a girl.
FALSE, I think. I don't remember specific heart rates with either baby, but don't feel like there was a significant number that stood out, but I believe both were over 140 prior to knowing the sex of the baby.

Myth #3: You swell more when you're pregnant with a girl.
POSSIBLY TRUE. I've had days with this pregnancy where my feet and fingers get a little swollen but I think this is attributed more to my diet (lack of protein), as opposed to baby gender.
Positive 1st time around..
Positive 2nd time around..
Myth #4: You have more morning sickness with a girl.
TRUE. I had nothing even close to morning sickness/nausea when pregnant with our little guy. This time, I had 'morning sickness' each afternoon and evening for the first trimester. I never got sick, but I thought I was going to quite often!!

Myth #5: If you dream about having a girl or boy, your dream is right.
I don't remember having a vivid dream one way or another with either of my pregnancies. I just mostly have really weird/strange dreams or anxious/not prepared situation dreams when pregnant, related to the baby/delivery/birth.
Gender reveal 1st time around..
Gender reveal 2nd time around..
Myth #6: You carry higher and wider with a girl, and lower more in front with a boy.
Besides showing really quick with my second pregnancy, my shape seems to be quite similar in both. Although I don't remember the boy being all up in my ribs and punching/kicking out my sides so much, so POSSIBLY TRUE.

Myth #7: Girls steal your beauty.
TRUE. During this pregnancy with a girl, I feel like my skin, hair, and looks are just dull and exhausted. I don't remember feeling this way when pregnant with a boy.
Myth #8: If you have acne while pregnant, it's a girl.
TRUE. Along the lines of homegirl stealing my beauty, I also had acne primarily on my chest for the first trimester and just more frequently on my face throughout. My first pregnancy, I don't remember getting a zit or acne at all. In fact, I feel like my skin really cleared up and has been pretty consistently clear since then.
30 weeks 1st time around..
28 weeks 2nd time around..
True or false, sweets or low and in front, we are beyond grateful for the healthy babies we've been blessed with and I am extremely thankful that pregnancy has been good to me, both times (so far).

Any other myths/old wives tales you've heard of? What was true/false for you?

Weekend Fun [Carnival and a Sprinkle]

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This past weekend our parish had its first annual festival so we decided to get the cousins together and check it out Friday night. It was a perfectly dreary day with Fall filling the air!!
After capturing our very own, real-life family photo, the camera battery died so there was that.. Thankfully there were plenty of phone cameras to take over.
Tyson kept exclaiming, 'carnival carnival' and loved checking out all the rides and lights. Needless to say there wasn't much sitting still for the boys, as you can see, with the exception of a quick milk break.
It's no secret I went for the food!! I stole a bite of the boys' corn dog (which never disappoints), shared some 'langosh' which had the most delicious garlic sauce and great flavor, then enjoyed a 'piggy grilled cheese sandwich' (bacon, cheese, onions and spinach on Texas toast) with garlic Parmesan fries. Yum.
The best part, we took our own Emmys-selfie. :) 

On Sunday, my MIL and SIL surprised us with a little 'sprinkle' at our regular, family Sunday dinner complete with a few of the most perfect girlie outfits, tiny shoes, and a cake.
It was unexpected, thoughtful and just what I needed to prepare and get excited. I don't feel like I've given myself a chance to really just enjoy and plan for this special little girl about to join our family, so I appreciated the chance to sit back, get spoiled and realize what a special time this is..!! It was a perfect occasion for an ugly-cry and that's exactly what I did.
It was a great weekend filled with family and fun!!