Homegirl's Newborn/Family Photos

Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm gonna milk this baby for all the blog posts she's worth.. :) Next up, our gorgeous (if I may say so myself..) newborn and family pictures by Allison Easterling Photography. We had these taken when Homegirl was right around two weeks old. Fresh, and sleepy, and squishy.

My sweet boy. He is the most amazing and wonderful big brother.
Just as many of you know, there's not much sweeter than your Mr. with your precious babies.
Something about these photos made it really really sink in for me, we are now a family of four, this is us.
 My favorites.

Harper Ann, you are the sweetest little thing.
We are so in love with you and are so blessed to call you ours. xo
I can't believe how much she's changed already; I am so thankful to have these pictures to document this brand-new-family-of-four phase of our lives.
Now for a few fun comparisons, oh the difference a year or two can make..!!
T's Nursery // Homegirl's Nursery
July 2012 // November 2014
November 2013 // November 2014

Holiday Gift Exchange

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Maybe it's the time of year, or the hormones (I can still blame those, right?), but it warms my heart at how generous, kind, and thoughtful someone you've never met can be. In the blogging world, I see gift exchanges of the sort quite often; but each time we participate I am touched, continue to enjoy, and am so thankful to be a part of this 'community'. I've enjoyed these little opportunities that have come about since blogging. I especially love that T and Homegirl get to benefit and have some fun too!!

When we were asked to join this gift exchange I was so excited because, as always, it's another great opportunity to connect and make new friends, it's so fun to watch T open/get gifts, and we love to give gifts to others (even though it stresses me out to no end)!! 
Elizabeth and Meghan were kind enough to organize and include us, THANK YOU gals!! :)

Since I've been an online-shopping-fool this year, T is a pro at 'checking for packages.' We couldn't wait to rip into it since he could actually see and play with what was in this one..
Look at that face..!! Every item he pulled out of the bag was greeted with gasping, oohing, and ahhing. I love his genuine excitement and appreciation!!
We received a special package all the way from Canada, from our new friends Tawnya and Scarlett (and her sidekick Finn, I'm sure. The cutest duo you've ever seen..!!). 
The package included a Thomas the Train book, complete with textured glitter/snow on every page - perfect!! After running his fingers over the 'snow', he said, 'I read this book right now'.. He flipped through checking out and scratching on each page. This will be such a fun book to add to our festive collection that we pull out every year.
A cookie decorating kit - this will make for the perfect family activity!!
I got a HUGE smile on my face when T pulled out a little something for Homegirl!! A 'my first Christmas' onesie that is tiny and adorable, just like her. She'll definitely be wearing this as much as possible, I think she likes it too - that grin..!!
After showing Homegirl her onesie, we turned around to see T had already broken into his puzzle and was sticking his hand in to pull out all the pieces. He wanted to play NOW!! 
And just like that, he was lining and standing them up, chit-chatting, and having a great time. The puzzle/pieces have provided minutes of entertainment for this kid already; and as you all know, 'minutes' is a long time in toddler-world!! :)
THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tawnya and Scarlett for the sweet cards, chunky puzzle, book, cookie decorating kit, and onesie. Such perfect gifts for our little ones!! You guys are so sweet and thoughtful.
I was so excited when I saw that we got to send Mason a gift!! I think Mason and T would get along GREAT in real life as they seem to be similar in a lot of ways and into so many of the same things. Plus they both have super-cool moms!! ;) Head over to Elizabeth's blog to see what we sent..

Be sure to check out all the other bloggers who participated too.

These are a few of my favorite things..

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festive breakfasts that take way too long to make (but are totally worth it)..
Special ornaments (and Christmas lights bokeh)..
Homegirl's smiles..
Handmade stable (by my Dad) and Nativity statues (that belonged to my Grandma)..