Blog Anniversary: [One Year]

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yesterday was the official one-year anniversary (or is it a birthday?), of Chateau Deveau. 

I had every intention of using the occasion as an excuse to make come cupcakes with sprinkles, maybe even lighting ONE candle, and celebrating/eating those festive treats.. However, real life, folks - we are nursing a certain little boy back from the stomach-flu, washing load after load of laundry, wiping any and all surfaces with Clorox wipes, and trying to keep a certain little girl from catching the dang bug. 

So cupcakes on hold for a later time, we are instead featuring our very own domain. 
Welcome to!!
Is it working...?!?! Haha!! :)

Thanks to Santa Claus (myself), my stocking contained a custom web address (along with some other goodies, including THE ever-so-basic blanket scarf, which I love).
This first year of blogging has been so fun and already more than I imagined. It really took me stepping out of my comfort zone, but it's been both rewarding and enjoyable as I have a little space to call my own. I especially enjoy the 'friends' I've made and the connections that have come about simply by putting myself out there. I appreciate all those who are following along and comment.

Happy Anniversary Chateau Deveau!!
Looking forward to more posts and pictures, fun and friends, memories and moments, all deemed worthy of an appearance on our reality show blog. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!!!! SO EXCITING to have your own domain! Congrats girl!
    PS it is working!!! Showed up on my bloglovin feed and everything :)

    1. Haha yea thanks!! :) I thought it would be fun to have. Glad I was able to figure it out since I'm still trying to figure this all out.. Even after a year. Glad to have you 'following' along!! xo

  2. Your own domain?!?! Your official and waY cool! Happy blog-versary-birthday!

  3. Happy Blogiversary! A big milestone for sure!

    1. Thanks Laura!! :) It was my New Years 'resolution' to do something for myself/get a hobby last year, so I'm proud I got it done. I've been enjoying it and look forward to keeping it up. Always happy to have you 'visit'!! :) xo