Thursday Things...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

On Tuesday, I thought it was Thursday, oh my. Thankfully it really is finally here, here are a few random things to go along with it..

Not only am I constantly 'behind' on reading my favorite blogs, but Bloglovin' is making it nearly impossible for me to get through them when I have a chance.. I keep getting this when I go to my feed:
WTF. Try again in a bit..?! I tried again (and again and again and again), and something is still wrong. Occasionally it'll pull up my feed but won't let me sort by blog and only shows a few posts - it's a mess. Does anyone else have this problem..? So frustrating.

My precious little baby girl will be 3 months old - I can hardly believe it. I'll be sharing her birth story here tomorrow.

We are on the hunt for a bed set for our new king-size bed. I want something 'simple', not too girly/flowery, something affordable.. Suggestions of where to look/shop? Also, considering getting this headboard. Just having a hard time pulling the trigger on anything..

This week I have been blessed, on two separate occasions, with some very special, encouraging, and heartfelt notes. Nothing over-the-top or out of this world, but simple, hand-written notes that made. my. day. So, if there's someone that's special to you, or someone who looks particularly pretty, or maybe just a simple comment of thanks and appreciation - you should share it, text/call, write a little note, let them know, it might be just what they need to hear. :)


  1. That headboard is beautiful! I'm a big fan of the bedding at West Elm (where ours is currently from) & Pottery Barn. Not the cheapest options, but so worth it!

    1. I was hoping to get a one-stop-shop bed set, with skirt/pillows, etc., but I'm not finding anything that's just right. So I think investing in some great pieces might be the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions!! :)

  2. LOVE the headboard!!! I don't know what the decor in your room is like but I'm loving it. So if it matches, I say go for it!
    Also, not having that current problem with bloglovin right now but definitely have issues sometimes. That thing is crazy. Also, I don't know if you notified them of your url change but it showed me (just now) that you had 2 new posts (though it never showed me yesterday that there was this one that you published on Thursday - strange) but when I clicked on your name to read them, it said there was nothing new. Again, strange. So I have no idea what is going on so I came here to find you :)

    1. I finally found a bed set, but I'm thinking I will check to see if the gray headboard will be back in stock and then maybe go for it..?!?! :)
      Ugh bloglovin'. Sooooo frustrating. I was going to email you too about the website stuff.