Toddler Talk

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Running into the room..
T: Oh hi errybody!!
Walking past or leaving a room with toys on the floor..
T: I gotta clean up!!

When playing with his 'cross' and holding it up like an altar server, which is actually a vacuum attachment..
T: Hallelujah! Hhamen!!

When we ask 'what does a giraffe say..?'..
T: What a giraffe say? Giraffe say I have a loooooong neck.

When getting cleaned up after dinner with a washcloth..
T: Oh that's nice and warm.

While playing 'doctor'..
T: Checking heartbeep..

While on a family walk..
T: Wait for Me guys. Guys.

When he pulls his snagged nails..
T: I got a hangnail. I need snippers.

Pointing out his temporary tattoo..
T: I got a pat-too.

When he sees a show, snack, or something he likes/wants..
T: I luhf (love) dis one!! Dis one!!

Standing on a new, soft bath mat..
T:  Oh that's comfy-cozy.

A few from Christmas morning..
Noticing a common theme with the Mr.'s gifts..
T: More beer!!

After opening a toy tool/tape measure..
T: Where's my helmet?

Pulling the bows off his present..
T: ..And a green one and a yellow one..

Sweetest, unprompted exclamation, complete with a hug..
T: Merry Chrisss-miss mommy!!


  1. Oh my goodness! He is just getting more and more adorable with his talk! My favorites are when he needs a snipper for his hangnail and when he says he can hear the heart beep. So sweet!

  2. It's funny how much I've realized we speak so fast or 'slur' our words together, cause he'll say it how he hears it obviously, so I suppose we should work on proper annunciation. :) Haha