Balentime's for Frwiends..

Monday, February 16, 2015

Yes, Balentime's. When talking about Valentine's Day and an exchange, I told T we were going to do a project after supper and asked if he knew what Valentine's Day celebrated? As he scanned our eyes for answers, he went ahead and settled with, 'for frwiends.' Which was obviously the most precious and perfect answer, so we cheered and told him he was right, then also explained it's when we celebrate LOVE!!

We definitely felt the love when we were asked to join a Valentine exchange with blog friends from all across the country, and Canada!!
Holy-blogland-Valentine-exchange explosion.. That's right, here's another one for ya.. :)
I'm probably a little guilty of enjoying getting mail more than the ones they were actually addressed to, but I make sure to get T involved and just as excited.
Now to give you a little 'listen' into our Valentine opening session..

Toddler Talk: [Valentine Edition]

T: Oh, that's a great idea. It's a puzzle!

Holding a piece of candy..
T: Let's see what's inside!

Eating said candy..
T: I luhf this treat!

Opening another envelope..
T: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!

Holding another piece of candy..
T: Maybe after sup-pur?!

T: Oh what's that? It's a whhhhaaaale!

Admiring all the beautiful Valentines..
T: Look at all this birthday cards!

Asking him if he was on a sugar high..
T: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I decided to simply hang all our beautiful Valentine's on the pantry door so we could enjoy them and most importantly, they'd at T's level for him to check out daily. They were all so beautiful, sweet, and we enjoyed each and every one!! :) 

Our Valentines were photo cards, as we planned to send them out to family, grandparents, and a few lucky friends, as well. The photo shoot for these pictures was a production in itself, including bribing with fruit snacks, a stone-cold faced little girl, and a sweaty-mess of a momma (from acting a fool trying to get real smiles).. We included little heart-handprints for each of our friends. I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a simple, personal touch, and I love anything to do with those cute little hands of theirs..
Homegirl was the least-protesting of the two, although it took both the Mr. and I prying those adorable little fingers apart and holding them in place in order to trace and get a handprint that would work. Cute, kind of a challenge, but what should we expect with a three-month old..?
Then there was Mr. T the Toddler.. I originally wanted him to color on the paper, then we'd cut the hand prints from that..
Hahaha. Let the shit-show begin. :)
He's usually pretty interested and enjoys 'projects' but this evening, he was only into it for a few minutes seconds then..

While playing with the crayons..
T: No I had'ta build a castle!

While trying to trace his hands..
T: That tickles! That hurts! I had'ta go check on Harp-purr!
In the end, the Mr. was a ROCKSTAR and traced and cut out all the handprints (after I totally messed up some because I couldn't seem to figure out how to NOT cut them totally apart). T finally came around and randomly place stickers on his handprints, as you could probably tell.. I'm happy to report I'm getting a chuckle out of all of this now, my OCD-self was a little deflated after trying to make everything picture-perfect.
In the end, it really is just about LOVE, and frwiends, of course.

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Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's day!!


  1. I loved your handprint Valentines! I especially thought Harper's super tiny hands were precious! Thanks for participating in the exchange with us!!!

    1. Yes!! It was so fun. :) I always joke that 'heart hands' are so cheesy, but when it belongs to little ones, it's adorable. Haha!!

  2. I had the biggest smile on my face while reading this! Tyson is such a sweetie! I love his little saying and that he made balentime's for his fwriends! And I LOVED the hand print idea! I actually thought Harper would have been more of the challenge than Tyson but I guess trying to get a toddler to sit still for any length of time is definitely the bigger challenge lol. Happy, happy Valentine's Day!!

    1. Haha thanks Elizabeth!! Half the time Dan and I were looking at each other like, 'where does he come up with this..?!' When we opened yours I thought OMG she cut all these little squares and stuck them on..?! So impressed. Then I was excited they were all the red/pink flavors. ;)

  3. Love his dialogue about all the valentine's excitement! They say the best things at this age!

    1. Ha! Yes and it never ceases to amaze me with the things they come up with!! :)

  4. I LOVED your Valentine card and the handprints! Your kids remind me so much of my own (don't worry, that's a compliment). Love his commentary and the baby looks totally enthralled! :)

    1. Yeah!! Thanks. Yes, I was excited to follow along your journey as you welcomed Mim since we were in a similar place/ages/etc. also. :)