It's the little things... [Us, Now]

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the past week or two, we've been enjoying beautifully sunny, yet crisp sunny days (like high 50s and 60s). Winter in Colorado..!! :) So, before our Sunday dinner with the Mr.'s parent's, we took a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air and an impromptu family photo shoot; complete with guest appearances from Woody and Bullseye.
These pictures are simple, nothing fancy. It's just us, now. There are many little things about these pictures that put a smile on my face..
T loves the Toy Story characters. He plays so well independently and has such an imagination, I love watching him with simple toys having so much fun. 
Homegirl's chipmunk-cheeked-chunky-monkey face topped with this knot hat. I could stare at her all day long.
Seeing myself as a mother of two. But also feeling pretty critical of this awkward post-baby-not-yet-pre-baby-body, which happens to fall into the not so little things category..
The Mr., he is such a naturally amazing father and always the most supportive husband. And so handsome. How did we get so lucky..?
Too often I hear mommas saying, 'we need to make an effort to get in pictures with our kids', and I agree..!! So here's our effort, and I like it, a real 'bulls eye', if you will. Punny punny.. :)
A beautiful evening, just being us, spending time with some of the most special little things of all.

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  1. How cute is T with his Toy Story characters?! I can seriously imagine what it was like to be there with him galloping bulls eye down the side walk. So sweet! And Harper in that hat and that chambray shirt?! I die. Her little chunky monkey face is the cutest! And you, mama, you look AMAZING!!! What a beautiful family!

    1. Haha, yup you got it!! I know, how cute is that little shirt?! She wears it quite often now cause she's about to outgrow it and I can't get over it. Elizabeth, you're the best. Thanks, friend!! :)

  2. Love love love. These photos are just the sweetest! Beautiful family, beautiful light. A little boy with his toys and a baby in a hat...kill me with cuteness! And are you sure you just had a baby, you look fantastic!

    1. Ah, thanks Sara!! That lighting was one reason why I made the Mr. grab the camera, I still can't believe it's winter in these pictures!! :)